Hello! Welcome to my personal finance and side hustle blog. My name is Chloe and I currently work as a software engineer in Orange County, California but my true passion is anything and everything related to personal finance! I started this blog in January 2021 to showcase that.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m always talking about the latest credit card, investing, e-commerce outlets, and side hustles. From a young age, I was always learning about new ways to earn and save, receiving my first EE bond in 4th grade and tutoring since I was in 7th grade. I received over $70,000 in third party merit based scholarships for my college education and worked a variety of cool gigs such as hair modeling, representing brands such as Amazon, XBOX, and Coca-Cola, and building my own resin art shop with WooCommerce! I now work a full time job while tutoring, selling items online, selling covered calls, and churning credit cards. I’m also now a Realtor in Orange County, CA and hope to become a serial real estate investor soon!

Through this blog, I’ll teach you how to maximize your savings, earn money passively, and build different income streams. Join me on my “Off Hour Hustle” as I share what I know to the community about becoming financially free. I’m always open to collaborations! Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with more money tips and tricks and what I’m up to. Read my blog here! And finally, email me here with any questions you might have and subscribe here to be notified of my latest blog posts. 🙂