February 2021 Progress Report – Initial Side Hustle Goals

It’s been almost two months since I started this blog! Time flies and I’m overwhelmed and excited with how much I’ve learned about blogging. Because my blog is about personal finance and side hustles, I wanted to give monthly reports on how my own side hustles were going. My eventual goal is to make enough income so that if I ever happened to lose my day job, I would have my side hustles to fully back me up or more. Crazy? Probably. But I like setting high goals. 🙂 Here’s my side hustle income report for February 2021!

February 2021 Income Report

For February 2021, aside from my normal day job and investments, I’ve earned $607.50 for the following:

  • $50 doing research studies
  • $127.50 in recording/transcribing work
  • $100 for hair modeling
  • $65 in affiliate income
  • $265 for selling items on eBay/OfferUp

This is the first time I’ve ever broken down how much I receive from other income sources. It’s pretty cool to see where my money comes from and how much I’ve earned. I fully expect this to fluctuate a lot depending on what kind of gigs I’m doing for any specific month. However, my eventual goal is to have a side hustle (or a couple) that makes me more money than my day job for less time invested.


I have a couple of goals for myself and wanted to write them down. These relate to side hustles, personal development, and whatever else comes to mind.

Reading Personal Development Books

One of my new year resolutions was to read ten books this year and sadly I’m only 50 pages into my first one. I figured writing about it on paper (my blog?) would make me more accountable. I’ll be working to finish Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Who wants to join me in my reading journey? Would love for some people to discuss with!


I’ve been tutoring students on and off but the pandemic has made it difficult to get consistent clients. February has been a dry month for me but I’m hoping that I can get back into it again in March. My goal for March is to apply to more agencies and get more potential clients.

Amazon Shirt Sales

I’ve made two designs for Amazon and uploaded one of them but unfortunately haven’t seen any traction yet. My goal for next month is to create and upload at least one more design, promote them through some platforms to gain some traction, and learn how to optimize my listing to get higher in search results. If you guys want to check my first design out, here’s my T-shirt and crewneck!


I’m a software engineer by day and have been really slacking on learning new technologies and keeping my mind fresh on data structures and algorithms. Today is March 1st and I’ll make a commitment to study at least an hour a day outside of work.


Writing down my goals definitely helps me get focused. Hope you guys enjoyed my first progress report and are inspired to create your own!

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