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Have you ever wondered if you could cut down the cost of your bills? I’ve always wanted to cut the prices of my bills but never really found the time and energy to negotiate or wait on hold over the phone. Monthly bills from utilities, subscriptions, and insurance add up and take a hefty part of our paychecks. In this article, I wrote an indepth Billshark review to help you know everything there is to know about this platform. Billshark is a bill negotiation tool that can cut down the costs of your bills for you! And best of all, there’s no upfront cost! Keep reading my Billshark review to see how it can help you with negotiating your bills.

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What Is Billshark?

Billshark is a company that was founded in 2015 Billshark is an application that lowers your bills and cancels unwanted subscriptions for you. Billshark originally showed up on SharkTank and is now backed by Mark Cuban.

Billshark guarantees that if a service provider goes back on their promised savings, they’ll fight to get that deal back for you or give you your money back. This seemed like a win-win to me so I went and tried it! You only pay if Billshark finds you savings, and you wouldn’t have those savings otherwise, so why not try it?

How Does Billshark Work?

Billshark is simple to use and takes just a few minutes to start getting the sharks to negotiate your bills for you.

Steps to Use Billshark

  1. Create an account.
  2. Upload your bills.
  3. Wait for the Billshark agents (the sharks) to do their negotiation.
  4. Save money! You only pay 40% of the savings if they cut your bills.

You can even get Billshark to cancel your subscriptions for you or even get money back on unused subscriptions you had already paid for.

My Personal Experience With Billshark

In my situation, I uploaded two bills onto Billshark: my Internet bill and my car insurance bill. I was skeptical of if Billshark could find me savings because I’m usually pretty proactive about finding the lowest rates. After Billshark processed my bills, they couldn’t find me any permanent savings but they still got me a one time $10 credit on my Internet bill! And they didn’t charge me anything for it. 🙂 With that experience, I highly recommend you give it a shot even if you don’t think Billshark will find you any savings!

How Much Does Billshark Cost?

Billshark doesn’t cost you anything upfront. After you upload your bills, Billshark will send you an invoice if they are able to save you money. In my situation, they didn’t even send me an invoice because it was a one time statement credit and you may get lucky as well!

If you use their subscription cancellation service, each cancelled subscription will cost $9.

Should I Use Billshark?

I’m pretty good at keeping my bills low and negotiating for the best rates but Billshark was able to find me a $10 statement credit on my Internet bill! I think it’s worth it for everyone to give it a shot.

Billshark is great for busy people who don’t have time to spend on the phone or chat to lower their bills and cancel their subscriptions. The sharks are professional negotiators and will probably be able to find costs for your bills that you didn’t even know existed. If you wouldn’t spend the time on lengthy phone calls negotiating your bill anyway, Billshark will be great for you.

Billshark is not for people who are wary of giving out their bill statements or pin number to the company. In negotiating my Spectrum Internet bill, I had to provide my pin number so that they could call Spectrum and act as me to try and negotiate. As with all things that sound “too good to be true,” you do have to sacrifice some privacy to allow them to work their magic. Rest assured that you can change your pin number with your provider after the shark does their work.

Billshark Review Conclusion

Billshark is a great way to lower your bills and keep your finances in check. Everyone will be paying bills for the rest of their life so why not minimize them so you’re saving as much money as possible? You might find hidden savings that you never thought could exist because I sure did. I hope you enjoyed reading my Billshark review. Make sure you’re also spending the correct credit card for your bills as well!

Note: Use my link to sign up for Billshark and earn $25 AND 10% off when you submit your first bill!

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