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How to Make Money Walking Dogs – Best Dog Walking Jobs

Love dogs? Did you know that you can make extra income walking dogs in your spare time? There’s a variety of apps that you can use to make money walking dogs. Maybe you love walking dogs but can’t get your own one right now. Or you might be a student who’s looking for for a flexible part-time job. Whatever your reason, you can make money walking dogs with a variety of different platforms. Keep reading to learn about some of the best dog walking jobs below!

What Does Walking Dogs Entail?

Dog walking is like Uber for dogs! You can set your own hours and work almost whenever you want. This can be used as a side hustle if you already have a another job or it can simply be a hobby that brings in extra cash.

Starting Your Own Dog Walking Business vs. Joining a Dog Walking Platform

There are two ways you can make money walking dogs:

  1. Start your own dog walking business.
  2. Join an already established dog walking platform.

Both methods have their pros and cons and will allow you to make some extra cash.

Starting Your Own Dog Walking Business

Starting your own dog walking business allows you to have the freedom and flexibility to set your times and pay rate. This can be a completely online business without any brick and mortar overhead required. You can make as little or as much money as you want and everything you make is entirely yours! The downside is that you’ll have to find your own clients and build up your reputation before being able to consistently make money walking dogs.

Joining An Established Dog Walking Platform

Joining a dog walking platform that has been around is quick and easy. Your clients are found for you.

The downsides to walking for an established dog walking platform is the fees and commission you’ll have to pay to the agency. Agencies will be taking a cut of how much you make from the client and you can make more if you work with the client directly.

How Does Working for Dog Walking Apps Work?

These apps act like an “Uber for dogs.” Customers will request for a dog walker (or other pet service) and you will get matched with a customer.

Apps to Make Money Walking Dogs


Rover was started in Seattle, WA in 2011. Become a dog walker with Rover here.

Rover also allows you to be a pet sitter, provide doggy day care, house-sit, and other miscellaneous jobs. Rover is mainly in the US and Canada. All walkers and sitters on the platform are independent contractors.

Rover is one of the oldest platforms for dog walking jobs.

Requirements: You must pass a background check in order to walk for Rover.

Pay: You can set your own rate but 20% of your rate will go to Rover.

Supply – US: Get Paid to Play with Dogs – Become a Rover Dog Sitter Today!


Wag! was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2015. Wag! can be used to find dog walking jobs, dog training jobs, or other pet training jobs. The app has an extensive background check and vetting process.

Wag! donates part of its proceeds from dog walking to’s Rescue Bank and has provided meals to over 10 million shelter dogs in the United States.

Requirements: In order to work with Wag!, you must be 18 years of age or older and pass a background check.

Pay: Wag! pays around $25/hour. You will be classified as a independent contractor.

Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets was founded in 2015 and can be used to find jobs walking dogs.

Requirements: Working with Barkly Pets gives you access to industry leading dog walking software and gives you freedom to create a business. It’s like a hybrid of walking dogs on your own and working for a business. You’ll be given access to marketing tools and technology to run your business.

Pay: You get to set your own rate for Barkly Pets! The app is completely free to use if you earn under $100 a month and Barkly Pets will take a $8.50 per month commission if you make over $100.


Holidog was founded in 2012 and allows you to pet sit in four different ways: as a host family, in the customer’s own home, with daily 30 minute visits, and dog walking.

Requirements: Create a profile on the Holidog platform and get validated.

Pay: You get paid an average of $15/hour on Holidog.

You can become both a pet sitter at a customer’s home and a dog walker outdoors with one application at Holidog!


PetBacker was founded in 2016. With PetBacker you can list the specific services you want to offer such as pet boarding, grooming, daycare or even offer pet sitting, taxi, or walking. You’ll be able to message pet parents directly with the PetBacker app.

Requirements: After creating an account with PetBacker, keep your account up to date with your latest availability. You must confirm that you are legally available to provide pet service in your jurisdiction and also respond to any service inquiries within 24 hours.

Pay: You set your own rates with PetBacker and a 15-25% service fee will be taken from the total booking amount.

Get Certified To Be a Dog Walker

Did you know that you can get certified to become a dog walker? Although dog walking certifications are not legally required to start dog walking, they may give you a competitive edge against other dog walkers and allow you to stand out.

Benefits of Being a Certified Dog Walker

Being certified will give you benefits when working as a dog walker.

  • Certification shows that you’re serious about being a dog walker.
  • With certifications, you may have access to communities and resources that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

Agencies To Get Dog Walking Certified With

  • National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPPS): NAPPS covers a wide range of pet sitting and dog walking topics. The exam fee is $245 for a NAPPS member and $395 for a non-member. Upon completion, you’ll be a NAPPS Certified Pet Sitter.
  • Pet Sitters International: Pet Sitters International has been the leading educational association for pet sitters since 1994. You’ll need to be a member of Pet Sitters International in order to take the exam. Membership costs $145 for a U.S. membership. The exam fee is $275 and you’ll become a CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter® upon completion.


While making money dog walking isn’t something you could necessarily make an easy living off of, you can still earn a significant amount through it. With a variety of platforms readily hiring dog walkers, you can easily start and make money dog walking today if you wanted to. There are a variety of ways to make money and dog walking is one great way to do that while getting to hangout with a friendly pup!

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