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Have you ever wondered if you can make easy money with all the receipts you get on the daily? There are a variety of receipt scanning apps out there that pay you for scanning receipts. Amazon recently launched their own receipt scanning app called the Amazon Shopper Panel app in which you can earn $10 per month just for scanning 10 receipts! Read my Amazon Shopper Panel review to the end to find out how you can earn more than $120 a year just for scanning receipts too.

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Amazon Shopper Panel review.

What is Amazon Shopper Panel?

Amazon Shopper Panel is an opt-in, invitation only program where participants can earn $10 monthly for uploading 10 eligible receipts. Receipts can be uploaded by scanning them with the app or sending pictures of paper receipts to You can scan more than 10 receipts per month but can only earn up to $10 maximum per month with receipts. This essentially allows you to get Amazon Prime for free because you can get $120 in gift cards back per year by scanning receipts. Read till the end of my Amazon Shopper Panel review to see how you can earn even more than

How Can I Join Amazon Shopper Panel?

You can join by downloading Amazon Shopper Panel in the App Store or Google Play Store. The platform is currently invitation only but you can sign up for the waitlist. There is no easy way to get an Amazon Shopper Panel invite, you simply have to put your name on the waitlist.

How Long is the Waitlist for Amazon Shopper Panel?

In my experience, the waitlist is pretty quick! I signed up for the Amazon Shopper Panel waitlist in late November 2020 and was invited in early January 2021. Once you’re taken off the waitlist, you can immediately start scanning receipts for that given month and start earning money.

What Is My Receipt Information Used For?

Similar to other receipt scanning apps that pay you for your receipts, your information will be used to help brands offer better products and relevant advertisements for their audience. Amazon just really wants to know what you purchase from other retailers! Sensitive information such as prescription information from drug store receipts will be deleted. Amazon handles their information in accordance to their privacy notice which is found here.

What Kind of Receipts Can I Scan?

You can scan any non-Amazon receipts into Amazon Shopper Panel. Receipts from Amazon affiliated stores such as Whole Foods Market, Amazon Four Star, and other Amazon locations are not eligible. I’ve scanned receipts from banks, restaurants, grocery stores, and more and all of them have worked!

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Legit?

Yes, Amazon Shopper Panel is legit. I started using this app in January 2021 and have earned $136.75 in Amazon gift card credit through January 2022! You can earn $10 per month from scanning ten receipts and a couple extra dollars here and there from doing additional surveys. Just hit your 10 receipt quota for the month, forget about the app, and get $10 deposited into your Amazon gift card balance at the beginning of the next month. This can easily pay for your Amazon Prime membership and more.

Amazon really does want to pay for data on your purchases. Amazon Shopper Panel is not a scam.

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Worth It?

Amazon Shopper Panel is definitely worth it for the small amount of time it takes you to earn $10 per month. You can choose which receipts to submit to Amazon so for consumers who are worried about their data, you can simply submit receipts that handle information that you aren’t as worried about.

I personally collect my receipts for a week and scan them across these other receipt scanning apps as well so that I can get even more back for each purchase. You can average back $1.50 back per receipt even if your purchase was less than that amount!

Earn Even More With Amazon Shopper Panel

Amazon Shopper Panel will send you short surveys every month that will pay you $0.25 or more each. From my experience, each survey has only been 1-3 questions and multiple choice, so it’ll take you only a second to finish and get extra cash back! Scanning more than 10 receipts will not get you any more cash per month on Amazon Shopper Panel so you don’t need to spend the time to do that.

Amazon Shopper Panel Review Conclusion

Scanning receipts on Amazon Shopper Panel can easily justify paying for Amazon Prime. With earning $10 a month with scanning receipts, you can easily pay back your Amazon Prime membership and more. Amazon Shopper Panel is a simple and quick way to make extra money. I would recommend stacking this on top of other passive cash back apps and and choosing the best credit card for your purchases to earn even more cash back whenever you are making purchases. I hope you found this Amazon Shopper Panel review useful! Check out these Amazon hacks for making the most of your money!

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