Bumped App Review 2022 – Earn Free Stocks From Brands

Note: As of December 19, 2022, Bumped has closed operations and decided to retire its brand. Any stocks and cash that have already been awarded will remain with Apex Clearing Corporation. After 30 days, Apex will take over your brokerage account and services will be limited to liquidations or transfers to another broker-dealer.

It’s sad to hear such a great app shut down but it was great while it lasted!

There are tons of passive cash back apps such as Rakuten and DOSH that I use on top of my credit card rewards to maximize my rewards… but wouldn’t it be great if those rewards grew over time? Bumped revolutionized the passive cash back game by offering partial stocks as rewards instead of cash back! You can get partial stocks in companies such as Target, Spotify, Nordstrom, or even Vanguard index funds. Read the full Bumped app review and learn about how you can get rewarded partial stocks too!

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What is Bumped?

Bumped is a free mobile app on Android or iOS that started in 2017. You can earn partial stocks with the Bumped platform in the form of a percentage of your purchase. This is different from the traditional points or cash back you receive from a variety of other platforms. While you can get paid cash through some apps by scanning receipts or selling your unused bandwidth, Bumped allows you to get paid in stocks whenever you make purchases at partnered brands.

Bumped wants to reward you for your loyalty at certain brands and allow your investments in these brands to grow. In order to implement this, they built a model in which you get paid back in stocks of that company whenever you make purchase with them. This way, whenever you help the company, the company’s shares help you!

How Can I Earn Cash Back With Bumped?

Bumped has two ways that you can earn cash back with the platform. One way is active and one way is passive. Keep reading my Bumped app review to find out how you can earn with both methods.


You loyalty selections are brands that give you cash back every time you spend with them. As long as your cards are linked to Bumped, you will always receive partial stocks in return for purchasing at these stores. At the time of this writing, Bumped has these selections for their loyalty categories.

  • Apparel: H&M, Aeropostale, Carhartt, Levi’s, Tailored Brands, The GAP
  • Club Warehouse: BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club
  • Coffee: Starbucks, Dunkin’
  • Entertainment: Disney+, Netflix, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Sling TV, Spotify, hulu
  • Meal Kits: Sunbasket
  • Personal Care: Bluemercury, The Body Shop, The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Pet Supplies: PetSmart
  • Quick Eats: Burger King, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Domino’s, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s
  • Sportswear: Athleta, Finish Line, Jack Rabbit, Lids, Moosejaw, Olympia Sports
  • Transport: Lyft, BP, Chevron, Shell, Uber
Bumped app review on desktop.

Above is an example of me receiving Spotify stock after my purchase. You can also see that I received dividends from the stocks that I already received from previous purchases. The partial stocks you receive from Bumped work exactly like stocks you purchase yourself: they grow with the share price and pay out dividends to its shareholders whenever profits are made.

You can only select one brand from each category and you’ll earn 1% back in stocks whenever you purchase with that brand. This is especially great for things like Spotify or Sam’s Club that are reoccurring purchases.

Shop Now Offers

The Shop Now Offers is a shopping portal in the Bumped app where you can shop through the app to get more rewards. Whenever you make a purchase with one of these brands, you’ll earn stocks split across the stocks you chose in My Stock Picks. Below are some of the brands that you can purchase with to receive partial stocks back.

These brands can give you more than 1% back in stock but you have to shop through the portal in order for it to be counted.

My Stock Picks

In the My Stock Picks section, you can choose which stocks you want to be rewarded with whenever you use the Shop Now Offers in the Bumped app. The Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF (VTI) is a default selection. You can choose four more stocks to be rewarded in–mine are PayPal, Amazon, Spotify, and Tesla. There are other options such as Starbucks, Pinterest, AMD, and more.

Bumped App Review

Bumped had previously rolled back the loyalty rewards program which made it much less valuable. After listening to the user base’s feedback, they brought it back. A platform that listens to its audience’s input and brings back previously removed features is great.

Although the Loyalty Rewards are not guaranteed to stay, Bumped seems to do a good job listening to its user base. It’s overall a great app to earn stocks and passive income via dividends that grow with time! Sign up for Bumped here!

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