free fitness classes for first timers

18 Free Fitness Classes for First Timers

If you’re like me, you probably love free stuff! I have a membership at a climbing gym that includes a traditional gym and yoga classes but I love checking out different fitness studios in the area to vary it up. I’ve found that a ton of studios offer free fitness classes for first timers and compiled a list so you can use them too! Keep reading for my full list of free fitness classes for first timers along with a description of each.

free fitness classes for first timers

Free Fitness Classes for First Timers

Many studios offer free fitness classes for first timers with the hopes that you come back and pay for future classes. Of course, there is no obligation to come back so feel free to use these free classes to your heart’s content!

1. Orange Theory

Orange Theory markets themselves as “science-backed, technology-tracked, and a coach-inspired group.” Their whole premise is to keep you burning calories at a higher rate even outside the class by having your heart rate at a certain level for at least 12 minutes to boost your metabolism, burn more calories, and burn more fat. You’ll get a heart rate monitor on your first visit that you can purchase for future visits if you see yourself coming back.

Your workout here will consist of a heart rate-based interval training (similar to HIIT but not the exact same) combination of the treadmill, rowing, and weight lifting.

2. Pure Barre

Barre is a type of workout that was derived off of ballet and Pure Barre is one of the biggest national chains, if not the biggest, that has barre classes! The classes consist of low-impact, small movements that strengthen and tone your body. The website calls it a “fusion of pilates, yoga, and ballet.”

3. Row House

Row House has a variety of rowing classes. Rowing is a low-impact, great cardio exercise and full body workout. These classes are a ton of fun and taught me proper rowing form!

4. YogaSix

YogaSix offers six different types of yoga classes from hot to power and more. You can’t go wrong with any of their classes but I tried their hot yoga class and it was a great experience.

5. Stride Fitness

Stride Fitness is a HIIT class that focuses on the treadmill to elevate your heart rate. Similar to Orange Theory, you’ll get a heart monitor on your first visit.

6. Club Pilates

Club Pilates’ first class is a 30 min introductory class, so if you’re already familiar with pilates, it may not be for you. I personally haven’t done it because I feel as if 30 minutes is too short and an introductory class is not for me. But if you’ve never tried pilates before, it may be great for you!

7. Core Power Yoga

CorePower Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes, many of which are heated or humidified. There’s various levels and styles of yoga so be sure to browse their website for their descriptions.

CorePower Yoga offers a week long trial for new members rather than a first free class so make sure you take advantage of the entire week!

8. CycleBar

CycleBar offers your free cycling class for free! They have six different types of cycling workouts so be sure to checkout their website for what you may be interested in. CycleBar also keeps track of your cycling statistics and emails them to you at the end of every class.

9. BodyBar Pilates

BodyBar Pilates is another pilates class that offers your first class for free! Check them out if they have a studio in your area.

10. AKT

AKT is a type of dance inspired fitness. It combines dance-based movements, cardio, strengthening, and toning to give you a full body workout. It’s great for dancers and non-dancers to get a workout in!

Free Fitness Classes in Orange County

The following eight studios are more specific to people living in Orange County, CA as I’m from that area! They all have free fitness classes for first timers so make sure you take advantage of it.

11. OC Fit

OC Fit has general full-body workout classes in multiple locations around Orange County. Your workout is tracked by heart monitors and you can track your progress once you go to multiple classes.

12. American Gym

American Gym in Costa Mesa focuses on boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and jiu-jitsu. Get your first free class by signing up!

13. Mayweather Boxing & Fitness

Mayweather Boxing & Fitness focuses on creating boxing into a whole workout routine. This studio is in Costa Mesa combines boxing and fitness into workouts designed by Mayweather Floyd himself!

14. Neaumix Fit

Neaumix Fit offers a variety of classes including reformer pilates, TRX, cycling, barre, and yoga. I’ve personally tried their reformer pilates classes and love the intimate studio vibe. They offer their first class for free!

15. CAZ Training Club

CAZ Training Club offers your first week for free and currently has two locations, one in Irvine and one in Newport Beach. Take advantage of the week-long offer and go to as many cycling and training classes as you can!

16. Escape Pilates

Escape Pilates offers reformer pilates classes in Costa Mesa with your first class for free.


INSAND offers a unique type of workout that’s purely in the sand! The studio was started by a Team USA volleyball player who discovered how great sand workouts were for his joints. INSAND offers a workout that incorporates dynamic sport-based movements along with functional strength training. They have locations in Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Santa Ana. Your first class is free!

18. Fitness On Fire

Fitness On Fire offers group fitness training and obstacle race training. They call themselves “OC’s Best Spartan Training Gym.” Book your first class and get ready to feel the burn.

Are the Free Fitness Classes Really Free?

Yes, they’re really free! The catch is that they’ll ask for your email and phone number and might bombard you with promotional emails to come back. If you’re looking to minimize the promotional calls and emails, use an email you may not check often and a phone number that you don’t use either.

Summary – Free Fitness Classes

I love finding free things and free fitness classes has been my latest obsession! Remember that health is wealth so don’t be scared to pay for future classes at these fitness studios if you really enjoy them!

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