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Bitmo App Review – Is Bitmo Legit In 2022?

There are countless passive cash back apps out there and it can be hard to know which ones are worthwhile to use. Bitmo is another passive cash back app I encountered recently and I’ve decided to write a Bitmo app review to let you know all about it! Bitmo is a gift card app that lets you earn points and rewards on every purchase. This stacks on top of a variety of other passive cash back apps so that you can even more rewards on top of your credit card rewards. So is Bitmo a good app to use? Learn all about this gift card app and be sure to read my Bitmo app review to the end!

bitmo app review

How To Setup Bitmo

Bitmo is similar to other rewards programs in that you link your credit and/or debit cards so that it can track your transactions. Bitmo is partnered with 140+ brands and adding new retailers regularly. In order to setup Bitmo, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Bitmo app here. Use my Bitmo referral code chloec13 to get $5 after you link your first credit or debit card.
  2. Link your credit or debit card(s).
  3. Start shopping! Bitmo is a completely passive cash back app so once you link your cards, you don’t have to do anything to earn rewards.

How Do BitmoPerks Work?

After linking your cards, Bitmo works passively in the background to give you BitmoPerks. Whether you shop online or in-person, Bitmo will recognize the merchants that it is partnered with and reward you with these points.

Each Bitmo partnered merchant will give you 1 BitmoPerks point per dollar spent. Since 5,000 BitmoPerks points can be cashed out for $5 in gift cards, this equates to a 0.1% cash back rate. While this isn’t much, it’s 100% passive. You don’t have to do anything after you link your cards to earn the rewards.

Redeeming BitmoPerks

Bitmo offers gift cards for popular retailers such as Sephora, Chipotle, Krispy Kreme, and more. Once you have 5,000 BitmoPerks or more, you can start redeeming gift cards for any of these retailers. 5,000 BitmoPerks is the minimum cash out amount for $5 worth of gift cards.

Purchasing Gift Cards With Bitmo

Purchasing gift cards through the Bitmo app is where it truly shines. You can earn perks bonus points for buying gift cards. For example, when you purchase a Lululemon gift card with Bitmo, you earn 60x more bonus points per dollar, which equates to 6% when converted to the “cash” value of BitmoPerks.

For people who are cash back app savvy, this can easily be stacked on top of the Rakuten app for even more cash back!

Related: If you don’t have Rakuten, sign up for it with my link here to earn $30 back with your first purchase!

Security of Bitmo

If you’re still a bit wary while reading this Bitmo app review, you can rest assured that Bitmo is secure. You might be worried about connecting your credit card information to Bitmo. However, Bitmo is similar to DOSH and Pei in the fact that they are legitimate passive cash back apps.

Is Bitmo Legit?

Yes, Bitmo legitimately gives you 1 point for every $1 you spend at partner merchants, whether it’s in person or online. All you have to do is connect your debit or credit card to their platform and everything else is passive. I’ve already cashed out 5,000 in BitmoPerks for a $5 Chitpole gift card, so yes it is legit!

Is Bitmo Secure?

Bitmo uses Plaid, which is the technology platform used for authentication by a variety of fintech companies. You may have heard of or used it before from other popular platforms such as Google Pay, Venmo, Robinhood, Acorns, and more. Plaid has been around since 2013 and ensures that your information is secure and encrypted and doesn’t share it with the app that you are using. You can rest assured that your information is secure with Plaid.

Is Bitmo Worth It?

Yes, I would say Bitmo is worth it. When you link your cards to Bitmo, you get 0.1% extra cash back in the form of BitmoPerks every time you spend at a qualifying merchant. While this isn’t much, it’s 100% passive and I always believe that something is that something is always better than nothing. Everything counts and adds up in the long run.

You can also find some good gift card offers on the Bitmo app. At the time of this writing, Lululemon is offering 60x bonus points while Ace Hardware is offering 50x bonus points. There are plenty of other retailers on the platform so check it out!

I got a $5 Chipotle gift card just for linking my first credit card and you can too! I linked all my frequently used credit cards and look forward to earning passive cash back when I make purchases at these retailers.


Bitmo is another great passive cash back app that allows for more rewards on credit card purchases at your favorite retailers. I hope my Bitmo app review helped you understand how Bitmo works and how it can be stacked on top of other apps to earn lots of rewards!

Use my referral link here with code CHLOEC13 and get 5,000 BitmoPerks after you link your first credit or debit card!

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