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Pogo App Review – Is Pogo Cash App Legit in 2023?

I love maximizing cash back on all my purchases and Pogo is one of the apps that I use to earn receipt-free rewards! The Pogo cash back app allows you to link your credit cards to the app to automatically track your purchases. Keep reading this Pogo app review to find out how to maximize your cash back.

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How Does the Pogo App Work?

Pogo works by sending you points for every purchase that you make with a debit card or credit card. You link your accounts to the Pogo app via Plaid and Pogo will award you points whenever they see a transaction. The number of points you get is arbitrary. This is different from receipt scanning apps, which you have to manually scan your receipts to earn cash or points back.

Pogo will award these points in your account after every purchase and all you have to click is “claim” to get your points! It’s that simple. 1000 points is equal to $1. Keep reading my Pogo app review to learn how you can cash out.

pogo app review

How to Earn Even More With Pogo Receipt – Free Rewards

With the Pogo receipt app, you can earn even more points aside from just the purchases on your debit or credit card. Keep reading my Pogo app review to find out how you can get paid even more points.

Earn More With Pogo Cash Back By Linking External Accounts

Linking external accounts to Pogo allows you to get even more points for your purchases. Each account you link will give you 100 points upon linking and then 50 points for every transaction. You can link accounts from popular retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Publix, Instacart, and more!

Earn More With Pogo Cash Back By Allowing Location Rewards

Pogo gives out free points when you hit certain locations. For example, in my neighborhood, Pogo rewards me with 70 points whenever I pass by the local CVS. This works when you’re walking as well as when you’re driving. Make sure you click on the location rewards notification or you won’t get the bonus.

Earn More With Pogo Cash Back By Scanning Barcodes

Pogo has a section in which you can choose to scan barcodes for specific items at specific grocery stores. This usually pays 70 points per item, which equates to 7 cents. If you have extra time while you’re grocery shopping, look at this section to see if there’s something you can scan quickly!

Earn More With Pogo By Scanning Receipts

Pogo recently added a section where you can scan your receipts for 10 points each. So not only do you earn points when you link your transactions, you also get 10 extra points when you scan the receipt from that transaction!

Earn More With Pogo By Taking Surveys

You can take surveys on Pogo to earn points for more cash back. Keep in mind that 1000 points equals $1 and a lot of these surveys pay a very little amount of points for your time. I personally don’t partake in the surveys as I don’t think they’re worthwhile but if you have extra time to kill and want to earn more points, go for it! This is similar to other survey sites such as SwagBucks or InboxDollars.

The length of each of the surveys is shown in the image below as well as the amount of points you’ll get for completing it.

When Can You Cash Out Pogo Awards?

You can cash out your Pogo awards when you reach 3000 points, which equates to $3. Pogo allows you to redeem points with PayPal or Venmo, which is great considering most other cash back apps only allow you to redeem for gift cards! Getting to 3000 points is relatively quick, especially if you have location rewards on. The combination of my daily purchases and location rewards gets me 3000 points around once every two months.

How Does Pogo Cash Rewards App Make Money?

Just like many of the other apps that reward you for receipts or transactions, Pogo makes money by selling your data. Who doesn’t these days?

Pogo generalizes and anonymizes your data and sells it in batches so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being on the line.

Pogo also makes money by facilitating ads on their app just like many other apps.

Pogo App Review Summary

What do you think? Stack Pogo on top of scanning receipts and you’ll be getting a lot of cash back per purchase! While using Pogo isn’t a get-rich quick app, it’s definitely not a scam and allows you to get extra money with no work. Will you start using Pogo after reading this Pogo app review? Comment below!

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  1. Thanks for the review. It was well written and I love that you shared other ways to earn points with Pogo. Yours is the first review I’ve read (other than the app reviews) and I like to have 3 solid reviews (good or bad) before I make a decision. You already have me on the “good” path!

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