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Reklaim App Review 2023 – Protect Your Data and Earn Money!

I use so many different cash back apps to maximize my purchases but did you know that the way that these companies make money is by harvesting your data? Your data is everywhere and no matter how hard you try to protect it, people are selling it. Reklaim (formerly known as Killi) is an app that tells you exactly where your data is going and what is being done with it. Most importantly, it actually pays you for your data! I currently earn $1/week with zero work.

Keep reading this Reklaim app review to learn more about how Reklaim works, if Reklaim is safe, and how you can earn points for you data!

Sign up for Reklaim here with my Reklaim referral code: mGcENF4dbkb. Rekalim app is currently only supported in the US and Canada.

How Does Reklaim App Work?

Reklaim pays you for the data that you already share to various companies and apps. It doesn’t collect any more information that companies are already collecting about you but compensates you for it in return. Also, with Reklaim, you can access, edit, and delete your data that is already being provided to other companies.

Is Reklaim App Safe?

From what I can see, Reklaim app is safe with end-to-end encryption, anonymized data, aggregate data, and other methods. You can read more about Reklaim’s claims here. Reklaim also serves as a central hub to figure out who has your information and who has been involved in data breaches while having your information.

reklaim app review

For example, in the image above, it shows how many companies have bought my information, where my data has been breached, and what my data is commonly used for. As you can see, it’s impossible to protect your data from everyone!

What Ways Can I Earn Points With Reklaim?

You can earn points with Reklaim in three different ways: data earnings, refer-a-friend, and Reklaim polls. Reklaim can pay you up to 100 points weekly, which is equivalent to $1 USD.

Reklaim App Data Earnings

You can earn points with Reklaim with four different categories: profile rewards, device rewards, browsing rewards, and shopping rewards. Each of these categories awards you 25 points each week, which is equivalent to $0.25 USD. If you maximize your point categories, you should be earning 100 points per week just like my example below.

reklaim app review

Profile Rewards

Profile rewards are the easiest to earn! If you complete and share your profile, you are already enrolled. Profile rewards simply reward you for data you are already sharing. In exchange, brands will be able to use data directly owned by you for their advertising.

You can opt-out of earning profile rewards anytime you want but will not continue earning the 25 points per week.

Device Rewards

Reklaim device rewards are rewarded when you share your device model as well as the apps that are downloaded onto your phone. You will be sharing your model, OS, mobile service provider, and IP address. Reklaim will award you 25 points per week every week that you continue to share this information.

Reklaim will not get your login information for any app ever. If you ever wish to stop sharing your device data, you can opt-out at anytime.

Browsing Rewards

Browsing rewards are given when you opt-in to sharing your browsing data and browse one url each week with the extension installed. The Reklaim extension can be found here. This extension serves as an ad block extension and also tracks if the websites you’ve visited have been part of a data breach.

As long as browser has the extension and you browse at least one URL per week, you will earn 25 points for that week.

Shopping Rewards

Reklaim shopping awards are rewarded weekly when you connect at least one bank account or credit card and make at least one transaction per week. Reklaim can never authorize purchases or make changes to your account–they will simply be notified of transactions that happen.

As long as you make one purchase a week, you will earn 25 points in shopping rewards for that week.

Reklaim Polls

You can also participate in polls to earn more points on Reklaim. These polls are anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes long and can pay you 1 point or more. I personally don’t think these polls are worth it and prefer the passive points earned from Reklaim Data Earnings.

Reklaim App Refer-A-Friend

With Reklaim Refer-A-Friend, you can earn 10% of the earnings of every friend that you refer for life. If your friend maximizes their passive earnings, you’ll earn $0.10 per week per friend for however long they’re sharing their data! That’s $5.20 per year per friend. While that’s not much, it’s a nice add on to

As an added bonus, you’ll also earn 100 points each for the first five friends that you refer. You can sign up for Reklaim using my referral link here with my Reklaim referral code: mGcENF4dbkb. Continue reading the Reklaim app review to learn how you can redeem your points.

Redeeming Your Points on Reklaim App

Once you reach 1000 points, you’ve reached the minimum balance required to cash out on Reklaim. This should take you 10 weeks if you’re maximizing your points each week without any Reklaim Polls or Refer-A-Friend earnings.

Once you reach 1000 points, you can redeem for gift cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or donate to a charity of your choice. Some gift card merchants include Visa, Amazon, and Target. Some charities include Doctors Without Borders, American Red Cross, and Girls Who Code.

I personally like to redeem my points for cryptocurrency so that I can double up the points as a type of investment!

Reklaim App Review Summary

So what do you think? Is using the Reklaim app worth it? While you are sharing data to Reklaim, it is not any more than you’re already sharing on various other platforms. And Reklaim is transparent about what it collects while paying you for it!

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