January 2022 Progress Report

Happy one month into 2022! Here’s my side hustle and blogging January 2022 Progress Report. I started my blog exactly one year ago and previously wrote a progress report but neglected to keep up with it. This was mainly because I wanted to get to a point where I could showcase blog growth over time without being stagnant. I feel like I’m now at a point where it’s worthwhile to share where I’m at. In retrospect, I should have kept the progress reports going regardless of my growth but here I am starting again, one year later.

Active Side Hustles

These are side hustles that I get paid for the time I put in. Ideally I would like to eliminate of these as possible in the future but until my passive streams grow, these will have to do.

Tutoring: $487.50

I currently have two private students that I tutor regularly. I would like to get more clients as well as create a website later this year. I’m looking to scale this tutoring side hustle but I’m waiting to come back from my 3 month work from Korea venture in spring. 🙂

Research Studies $432.50

I fill out a bunch of screening surveys weekly to get qualified for high paying research studies (I’ve earned up to $150 an hour). These pay really well! You can learn about some platforms I use for this here!

Passive Side Hustles

Passive side hustles are not truly “passive” in the fact that you put zero work in. They’re more like income streams that you can grow by putting work in. I enjoy these much more because you don’t get paid an hourly rate and look forward to growing them! Both these passive income streams are directly from my blog.

Ad Revenue: $14.19

My highest day of ad revenue from my blog in January gave me $1.38! I know plenty of people who earn thousands of dollars per month off of ad revenue only and their blogs are only a couple years old. I’m looking forward to seeing this grow as I post more articles, focus on SEO and social media, and raise my blog’s exposure.

Note: Learn about how to start your own blog here.

Referral and Affiliate Income: $65.13

I currently participate in Amazon Affiliates and earn referral income off my various mobile apps such as Fetch, Bitmo, etc. I’m not a partner with any of these platforms and simply earn off of my personal referral links but I hope to partner with some in the future.

Interest, Dividends, and Bonuses

A lot of people like to include interest and dividends as “sources of income” but I don’t particularly like to classify it as that. Regardless, I’ll be posting about them starting next month as some people seem to take an interest in them. I do have cryptocurrency that gains interest via Celsius and various dividend paying stocks so look forward to my February 2022 report to read about those!

Note: Learn how to evaluate dividend stocks here.

I will also be classifying bonuses from things like credit card/bank account churning as side hustles and posting about them here. But alas, I did not churn any credit cards or bank accounts in January (but will finish churning one in February)!

Blog Statistics

If you’re interested in my blog’s statistics, I will also be posting those monthly here! This is probably more for those who are blogging or have an interest in starting one. My average EPMV via Ezoic in January was $19.98 while my Domain Authority (DA) score for Moz was 17, Ahrefs was 12, and SemRush was 26. Screenshots below are from Google Analytics and Google Search Console for the month of January 2022.

I’m hoping to continually increase my monthly page views and Google search console exposure every month and will keep tabs on those with these monthly reports.

Final Thoughts

Starting in 2022, I’ll be keeping monthly reports to track my growth. I still had goals of eventually having this make as much as my full time income (or more) and know that it is possible. Thanks for following along in my journey! As always, please subscribe or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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