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Fetch Rewards App Review 2022 – Does Fetch Rewards Really Work?

Ever wonder how you can make more cash back with your daily purchases? Fetch Rewards is an app I’ve been using for a couple years and earns me cash back on every purchase! Keep reading this Fetch Rewards app review to learn everything there is to know!

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What Is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards gives you cash back in points for every receipt you scan. These receipts can be from groceries, restaurants, gas stations, clothing stores, and more! As of January 2022, Fetch gives you 25 points on every receipt scanned which is about 2.5 cents back per purchase. This is for any receipt, whether you spent $0.01 or $100!

You can cash out your points for a variety of gift cards starting at 5,000 points (or $5) or donate to charities starting at 3,000 points (or $3). Some popular retailers for these gift cards include Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and lululemon but there are a ton of others as well! Some charities you can donate to include the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Girls Who Code.

Earn More With Fetch Rewards

While Fetch Rewards gives you a base 25 points per receipt on any purchase, you can earn more points with Fetch by participating in certain activities.

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Fetch Rewards Special Offers

Fetch Rewards has a Special Offers section that gives you even more points if you purchase these items! Go to your Discover tab of the Fetch Rewards app and scroll down to see all the possible offers you can get points back from by scanning receipts.

I occasionally check this section out because sometimes you can get full points back for a purchase. For example, you might spend $3 on a bag of chips but the Special Offers section will have that bag of chips for 3,000 points back, which is essentially getting the item for free!

Submit eReceipts With Fetch Rewards

To earn even more with Fetch Rewards, you can link your account from Amazon as well as your email to scan for popular retailers such as Target and Walmart! Fetch will also retroactively scan for your last 30 days of purchases so if you made a ton of purchases in the last 30 days, don’t worry! Fetch will award you points for each and every transaction.

Apply for the Fetch Pay Debit Card

Fetch Pay is a debit card that is a result of a partnership between Fetch and the banking platform ONE. When you use your Fetch Pay debit card,

I personally would recommend against Fetch Pay because there are many other credit cards that earn you more than 1 point per dollar on your purchase. Check them out here! But if you’re a huge fan of Fetch Rewards and want to earn even more points via Fetch, go for it!

Is Fetch Rewards Safe?

Yes, Fetch Rewards is completely safe. Fetch Rewards doesn’t ask for your bank or credit card information and collects limited personal information about you when you sign up. Information on your paper receipts never contain private information. You can rest assured that Fetch will keep your information safe!

Fetch Rewards App Review

Fetch Rewards is a great way to collect your receipts and get cash back on them. I personally collect my receipts each week and scan them all in one sitting to save time. I also scan my receipts on a variety of other platforms to get even more cash back. Check them out here!

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