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How to Start a Virtual Assistant Side Hustle

Looking for a new way to make money from home without having to step once outside? Why not start a virtual assistant side hustle? There are many ways to make money as a virtual assistant. Making money as a virtual assistant comes with a lot of hard work, determination, and planning. First, you have to have a converting website, promote your services on multiple social platforms and plan out your content ahead of time to post and gain attention.

start a virtual assistant side hustle

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is just a fancier term for a freelancer—a person who works remotely either from the comfort of their own home or in another country. A virtual assistant usually works on a contractual basis, full-time or part-time, but never as an employee working on a salary. A virtual assistant can choose which types of skills or services to offer their potential clients, and they are free to set their working hours. 

Presently, many women and men are choosing to make money as virtual assistants/freelancers, and I will show you five ways to do that if you decide to or just start in the remote working world.

Platforms to Find Jobs as a Virtual Assistant


This online employment platform is an excellent place for virtual assistants to search for freelancing jobs from independent employers or reputable online companies. Additionally, LinkedIn provides job seekers the chance to post their resumes to prospective jobs hiring virtual assistants.

 All you have to do is sign up to LinkedIn to create a professional profile with a clear photo and information on who you are and what type of job categories pique your interest. Then, you can search for contacts within your niche to make a connection, which can often lead to a job referral.


Fiverr is another fantastic platform for virtual assistants just starting and want to gain some experience in the online space. You will need to sign up to make an account, choose which services you want to offer, and start promoting. Many virtual assistants get paid gigs on Fiverr and charge anywhere from 10$ to over 100$ for services. 

Fiverr can be a great resource to make money online as a virtual assistant because you can have paid gigs as a side hustle while working, going to school, or building your business. The good thing about a site like Fiverr is you can sign up to offer multiple services at once, from proofreading to blog editing to graphic design to admin work. In addition, Fiverr wants freelancers to have their time to grow and make money as often as they like.


Another tool to use to make money online and start a virtual assistant side hustle is by applying to Upwork. Upwork is also another freelancing platform like Fiverr. The clients will post temporary gigs such as help with website design. You, the virtual assistant, can create a profile and apply to those posts by sending a message and possibly showing some sample work if requested.

Many virtual assistants used both Upwork and Fiverr to supplement their income and even grow into a full-time business because virtual assistants establish working relationships with their clients enough that they keep getting hired for more projects. Once that happens. You can raise your rates gradually as you gain more experience.

Building Your Own Brand as a Virtual Assistant

One of the most popular ways to make money as a virtual assistant is none other than self-promotion. Self-promotion consists of first building your credibility and then creating a website to showcase your brand and market your services to your ideal audience. Another way to self-promote as a virtual assistant is to create social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

On Instagram, you promote yourself by writing who you are (virtual assistant), who you help (business owners), and what you do (blog writing & social media management). It will give your viewers a clear idea of what to expect and become followers and turn into paying customers.

Facebook provides the option of creating a business profile to get in touch with your ideal clients. Your clients can connect with you by liking and sending you a private message to your account, just like Instagram. Another great feature for Facebook is joining Facebook groups to network with potential clients regularly looking to hire a virtual assistant.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

When business owners start getting booked out with more clients, they will often hire another virtual assistant to outsource their tasks that they can no longer handle. This is where you can find work and make some money. The employer may set the starting rate per hour, or the virtual assistant can charge on a per-project basis and provide custom quotes for tailor-made packages.

Some of the tasks a client can outsource to a virtual assistant are 

  • Administrative work
  • Transcription
  • Podcast management 
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Pinterest Management 

A virtual assistant does not need to offer all of these services. However, the more skills you have, the more clients you can acquire to make money as you start a virtual assistant side hustle.

Start A Virtual Assistant Side Hustle

As you can see, there are numerous ways for a virtual assistant to make money while working remotely. In addition, the digital marketing world is rapidly growing, and many digital companies are seeking more assistance with backend tasks. For example, suppose you need help creating your blogs or social media.

So are you going to start a virtual assistant side hustle? Comment below! And don’t forget to check out other articles like this one and subscribe to be notified of the latest posts!

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