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CoinOut Review – Is the CoinOut App Worth It in 2023?

Can you really make money scanning receipts? CoinOut is a great app that gives you cash back for every receipt that you scan! The CoinOut app is one of the many receipt scanning apps that I use such as Fetch Rewards and ReceiptPal. Keep reading this CoinOut review to learn how you can maximize your cash back scanning your receipts!

Note: If you’re not here for the CoinOut review and just want a referral link, use my CoinOut referral link here and CoinOut referral code TQGZRCM to earn $5 after you scan your first receipt! CoinOut unfortunately stopped their referral program recently and there is no longer a referral bonus. It’s still a great app to earn money by scanning receipts though.

coinout review

What is CoinOut?

CoinOut is an app that was featured on SharkTank in 2021 by the entrepreneur Jeff Witten and was accepted by the shark Robert Herjavec. The CoinOut app randomizes the cash back received by scanning each receipt.

How to Sign Up for CoinOut

You can sign up for the CoinOut app by downloading it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You will need to sign up for an account with your phone number.

How Much Can I Earn With CoinOut?

The CoinOut app will pay you anywhere from $0.02 to $0.15 per receipt. You have to scan receipts that are dated within the past two weeks in order to retrieve credit. Be careful to not scan receipts as you can get flagged for it.

How Does CoinOut Pay You For Receipts?

CoinOut app pays you in cents to your CoinOut balance. CoinOut earns money with advertisements and partnerships that they display on their app. You can see examples of how much I got paid with CoinOut in the image below.

coinout review

Is CoinOut Worth It?

I think CoinOut is definitely worth it, especially since you can withdraw for cash and there is only a $1 minimum balance required to cash out once you get a Platinum badge. While scanning receipts isn’t the most fun thing to do, I usually do it mindlessly on the side while watching a show or waiting for the microwave to finish. Why not get cash back for the purchases you make on the daily? I usually collect all my receipts and scan them all at once at the end of the week while also double dipping and scanning them with other receipt scanning apps such as Fetch Rewards to get even more cash back.

From my personal use, I didn’t see anything shady with how they award cash. The only downside of CoinOut is that it can be buggy at times. But I have definitely cashed out countless times and gotten my money so I don’t worry about it and just close my app and reopen it when it gets buggy. Keep reading the CoinOut review to learn other ways to earn money with the mobile app.

Earning Money With CoinOut

There are a couple ways to earn money from CoinOut aside from just scanning receipts, which include getting money for online receipts and getting money for completing partner offers.

Earning Money With CoinOut for Online Purchases

You can earn cash back on your online purchase receipts by linking common retailer accounts such as your Amazon Prime or Walmart account. Once linked, CoinOut app will track all your purchases and reward you for every receipt. This is great for someone who makes a ton of online purchases and if you want to earn cash back without actively scanning your receipts!

Earning Money With CoinOut with Partner Offers

CoinOut partners with a variety of other related applications such as Acorns,, etc. and allows you to get cash back via their platform when you complete an offer with them. Simply go on your home page, see what offers are currently available, and click through and complete the offer to get your cash!

Cash Out With CoinOut

You can cash out with CoinOut via PayPal or Zelle, if you are CoinOut Platinum status. In order to get the CoinOut Platinum badge, you have to finish one of the offers on CoinOut’s home page. In the image below, you can see various offers from Acorns,, Savvy, and others. These offers are easy to complete and makes cashing out with CoinOut much easier because you can cash out with a minimum of $1 with Zelle.

You can also cash out via Amazon gift card with no minimum balance. Cashing out via PayPal requires a $20 minimum balance. It’s worth it to get a CoinOut Platinum badge and cash out with a minimum of $1 balance with Zelle!

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CoinOut Review

All in all, CoinOut is a great app to stack on top of other receipt scanning apps to earn cash back on all your purchases. My personal CoinOut review is that it’s a mindless way to make some extra cash on the side.

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