february 2022 progress report

February 2022 Progress Report

February 2022 was a good month! Even though it was shorter than most months, I still beat out my earnings by a huge percentage from my last month progress report, especially in the passive income section! Here’s my February 2022 progress report.

february 2022 progress report

Active Side Hustles

My active side hustles still bring me a lot more than my passive side hustles, but I’ll be keeping these until my passive income takes over. I’ve started my tutoring website, although it’s still very much in progress! I won’t link it here yet but I bought the domain last month!

I also started studying for my real estate salesperson license with Real Estate Express. I’m planning to take my exam when I get back from living as a digital nomad in Korea (more on that below)!

Note: If you guys are interested, you can get 35% off of your course with Real Estate Express here! The course will only cost $90 if you use my link.

Tutoring: $495

I still have the same two clients that I’ve tutored in January. I’ve started my tutoring website so that’s still in progress, but hopefully it’ll be in a good state by next month and I’ll share it here.

Research Studies: $15

I didn’t get scheduled for any studies this month, which is a big difference from earning over $400 last month!

Transcription $188.61

I also have a part-time transcription job that I commit to on a project by project basis but I’ve decided that after February 2022, I won’t be doing this anymore! I used to think it was great because I type pretty fast (120 wpm). I thought that since I’m paid by project, it might be worth doing this. However, the rates are pretty low and I decided that it’s worth it to put my time into my blog or studying for my real estate salesperson exam.

Passive Side Hustles

My goal is to always beat out my previous month in passive income, but February 2022 will be hard to beat. I’m also planning to make my first digital download for Etsy and start YouTube in March, stay tuned! You can support by subscribing early here.

Ad Revenue: $24.20

My highest day of ad revenue from my blog in February gave me $3.31. That’s a lot higher than my previous month but my average was still a little lower than $1 per day. My goal for March is to raise that to raise that to over $1/day. This will be done by posting more articles and working more on SEO.

Note: Learn about how to start your own blog here.

Referral and Affiliate Income: $117.04

I have various referral and affiliate links sprinkled around my blog. One affiliate link paid me $75 in one click alone which is why this was so much higher this month! I hope that I can keep up the momentum in March.


I’ve earned $26.42 in dividends from AAPL and $7.92 in COST. I invest a ton into growth stocks over dividend stocks and seeing this makes me realize that maybe I should maybe invest more in dividend stocks.

Note: Learn how to evaluate dividend stocks here.

Cryptocurrency Interest

I earned $2.64 USDC, $0.46 BTC, $0.10 XLM, $0.99 ADA via Celsius, which I have around $1000 invested in. Celsius pays 6.20% APY for BTC and 8.5% APY for USDC which is awesome. I’d recommend looking into it, especially if you only want to dabble in cryptocurrency but don’t like the volatility. USDC is backed by the US Dollar so 1 USDC will always equal 1 USD! And you can earn 8.5% interest on it, which is much higher than any high yields savings account.

You can use my referral link for Celsius here to get $50 BTC when you deposit $400 or more!

Blog Statistics

If you’re interested in my blog’s statistics, I will also be posting those monthly here! This is more for those who are blogging or have an interest in starting one. My average EPMV via Ezoic in January was $20.65 while my Domain Authority (DA) score for Moz was 17, Ahrefs was 12, and SemRush was 26. DA didn’t change at all from last month and I’m hoping that I can increase it at least by 1 next month.

I’ve increased my total clicks by about 100 and users by a ton as well from January 2022! Screenshots below are from Google Analytics and Google Search Console for the month of February 2022.

I’m hoping to continually increase my monthly page views and Google search console exposure every month and will keep tabs on those with these monthly reports.

February 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

February 2022 was a great month! I’ve increased my income a lot from my previous month, which is great to see and keeps me motivated to work harder. I also booked my ticket to work from Korea for 2.5 months starting in April and am super excited for that. I’ll be working my full-time job as well as blogging and doing YouTube from there as well.

Thanks for following along in my journey and reading my February 2022 progress report! As always, please subscribe or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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  1. Wow! It’s good to see how things are going when someone is still trying to reach their goals. Most of the time people only show their stats after everything is a huge success. Thanks for sharing!

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