Make money with Honeygain.

How to Make Money With Honeygain

I’m always looking to diversify my income streams with various gigs and side hustles. I’m even earning constant cash back on my purchases with my passive cash back applications. A couple months ago I came across how to make money with Honeygain. Honeygain is an app you can use to sell your unused bandwidth to reputable companies. This is 100% passive income and you don’t have to do anything besides set it up to start earning! I currently earn about $1 USD per day with just my mobile device connected. And you can earn even more by connecting a desktop device and having multiple devices connected to your network. In this article, I’ll going over an in depth Honeygain review and how to make money with Honeygain with absolutely no effort. Keep reading to learn how!

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Make money with Honeygain.

How Does Honeygain Work?

Honeygain works by gathering your network data and allowing other companies to use it. The process can be boiled down to five steps.

  1. Setup: Install the app on your devices and connect your devices to your network.
  2. Run Honeygain: Honeygain shares your unused network without gaining access to any personal data or compromising your security.
  3. Let Honeygain Gather: Your connection is automatically used to gather information on the internet.
  4. Help Businesses: Partner businesses use these bits of information to run their requests.
  5. Get Paid: Make money with Honeygain!

You get paid based off of how much internet is used. How much is used is largely dependent on your location, the number of devices you have connected, and your network ping/speed. High traffic areas, more devices, and faster network ping/speed will bring you more traffic and make you more money with Honeygain! I currently gain around $1 USD a day with only my mobile device connected but your results may vary, especially if you have a desktop connected as well. This isn’t limited only to the United States, anyone in any country can join and cash out passive income with Honeygain.

Will I Always Get Traffic?

Honeygain recently partnered with Oxylabs to ensure long term traffic. That being said, traffic isn’t always guaranteed based on your location and device that you connected with.

How to Setup Honeygain

Setting up Honeygain is simple. Sign up for an account here and then download the app for your device here. Once you set up your account and devices, Honeygain will automatically start using your unused network and you’ll start earning right away.

Is Honeygain secure?

Before I go over how to make money with Honeygain, we should go over if Honeygain is secure. Honeygain is stated to be 100% secure. It does not gain access to any of your device’s storage and is well protected from illegitimate device usage. Your bandwidth is simply used by reputable companies to run their queries and business requirements. The app connection is inaccessible by outsiders and full encrypted.

How Is My Bandwidth Used?

Your unused bandwidth that is provided to Honeygain is used by reputable companies. These use cases may be app testing, ad verification, price comparison, SEO monitoring services, and more.

What Does Honeygain Track?

Honeygain only tracks the location of your IP address as well as the different IP addresses your devices are connected to. Connections made to your device are securely encrypted and none of your behavior on your mobile device or desktop are tracked. You can rest assured that your activity isn’t being sold to marketing companies.

Is Honeygain A Scam?

No, Honeygain isn’t a scam in the sense that they’re out to trick you of your money. Honeygain doesn’t collect any credit card information or require you to pay anything. You can legitimately make money with Honeygain for the data that you are allowing them to use.

How To Earn Even More With Honeygain

You can increase your earning potential with Honeygain a variety of ways.

  • Connect Desktop Devices: You’ll earn twice as much connecting Honeygain to a PC device, rather than a smartphone.
  • Connect More Devices: You can connect up to 2 devices per IP address and up to 10 devices per account.
  • Allow Content Delivery: This can only be used on Windows and MacOS desktop devices if you have stable network connectivity. With content delivery, companies can use your network for bandwidth-intensive content such as images and videos.

Is Honeygain Worth It?

This will vary from person to person. While Honeygain states that your bandwidth will only be used by reputable and vetted companies, they aren’t completely transparent about which companies they’re using and what they’re using your data for.

Personally, I don’t feel like there’s anything to fear as of yet with the Honeygain application. If you have bandwidth in your internet connection and don’t mind letting someone use some of it, I would make money with Honeygain as a great source of passive income.

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Honeygain Review Conclusion

Selling your unused bandwidth is a great way to earn passive income. You can set Honeygain to never use more than a certain percentage of your bandwidth and I’ve been using it for two months without getting any interference with my network. I’m always an advocate of diversifying income streams no matter how small and I think Honeygain is a great one to add to the mix. Hope you enjoyed this Honegain review and sign up to get your first $5 today and start to make money with Honeygain!

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