how to shop less

25 Ways On How to Shop Less and Save Money

Earning money is awesome and spending it feels great. But are you stuck in a rut and shopping too much? Wondering how to shop less and save money? Shopping less can reduce clutter, help you create a simple life, and save you money! Whether you’re looking for tips on how to buy less clothes or how to buy less plastic, incorporating these tips will help you become more clutter-free and live a minimalist life. Here are 25 ways on how to shop less and save money!

how to shop less

25 Ways on How to Shop Less and Save Money

The various ways to shop less and save money are categorized into five different categories. No matter what kind of items you’re trying to shop less for, you’ll find tips in every category that will help you. This guide will help you on how to buy less stuff and think differently about how to shop less.

5 Ways on How to Shop Less In Store

Shopping in store is one of the largest ways that we shop. While people are slowly shopping more and more online, shopping in store will never fully disappear.

1. Create a Shopping List

Creating a shopping list allows you to know exactly what you want. Whether this be a grocery list for the week or a list of things you need for an upcoming event, creating a shopping list will help you be more organized.

2. Create a Shopping Budget

Creating a shopping budget can help you reevaluate if you need certain items. It can also help you critically think about necessities vs. wants.

3. Don’t Meander Into Stores or Down Aisles That You Don’t Need To

Walking down aisles or going into stores that you have no agenda for is a recipe to shop more. If you’re wondering how to shop less, this isn’t the way to do it. Make sure you know what you came to the store or mall for and don’t sidetrack.

4. Don’t Justify Random Purchases With Sales

Stores will always have sales and just because you don’t purchase an item today doesn’t mean that the sales will never come back. Sales happen every day and are simply worded differently or marketed differently to attract various customers. Don’t fall into the trap of marketing!

5. Don’t Get Hooked On Coupons

Coupons are similar to sales in that they will also always exist. Just because something has a coupon or a discount doesn’t mean that you have to buy it now.

5 Ways on How to Shop Less Online

As the world is shifting more and more online, it’s important to know how to shop less online. Ordering something online is at the click of a button and can be done from anywhere. As the world is shifting more and more online, it’s important to know how to shop less online.

6. Unsubscribe From Shopping Emails

Online shops send emails about sales almost everyday. Some even send emails multiple times a day. Emails about sales will only tempt you further to shop more. If you can, try and actively unsubscribe from any emails that you get about sales unless you really need them.

7. Remove Bookmarks From Online Shopping Websites

Bookmarks will tempt you to click on them and visit websites again. You won’t forget where your shopping websites where if you need them so there’s no need to keep them saved as a bookmark.

8. Don’t Use Buy Now, Pay Later Services

Buy now, pay later services such as Klarna and AfterPay only make it seem like you aren’t spending that much money in the short-term. These services also have hefty interest rates if you happen to miss a payment.

9. Setup Notifications on Your Credit Card

Many credit card services can send you push notifications every time you make a purchase. These notifications can deter you from making more purchases as they will remind you how much you spent every time a purchase is made.

10. Don’t Save Your Credit Card on Websites

Saving your credit card on websites makes it too easy to one click shop. If you’re scrolling and shopping in bed and your credit card is far away, you probably won’t feel like getting up to finish that purchase. This will keep you from impulse purchases and is one of the best ways to learn how to shop less.

5 Ways on How to Shop Less by Getting More Value for Your Money

There are plenty of ways to save money by shopping in different ways. This results in shopping less all while getting more value for your money.

11. Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk allows you to save a ton of money as well as save trips to the store. You can easily buy in bulk at wholesale stores like Costco. Buying in bulk isn’t just limited to groceries! You can buy clothing such as socks and underwear in bulk too. Just remember to not buy too much so that it clutters your home.

12. Start Thrifting

Thrifting is a great way to get more value for your money. Platforms such as Poshmark and Mercari list new and used items for a fraction of their price. This isn’t limited to just clothing. Places such as Goodwill will have everything you need from kitchenware to furniture. Just make sure you only buy what you need and you’ll be able to shop less as well as save money.

13. Limit Your Number of Shopping Trips per Month

When you limit the number of shopping trips you take per month, you’l be more intentional about your spending as well as save time and money. Meticulously plan out each shopping trip so that you shop less and save more time.

14. Only Shop When Items Are on Sale

Shopping when items are sale is a great way to save money. This doesn’t mean that you should always buy items if they’re on sale! You should buy items if they’re on sale only if you actually need them.

15. Upgrade or Get a New Credit Card

Credit card rewards add up in the long run and can save you tons of money throughout your lifetime so it’s good to get one that gets you the rewards that you need!

Note: Check out some of the best no annual fee credit cards.

5 Ways on How to Shop Less by Thinking Differently

Mindset is a huge thing when learning how to shop less. There’s a couple ways you can learn to think differently about shopping, some of which are below.

16. Reevaluate Why You’re Shopping

Have you ever thought about why you’re shopping so much? Is it because you’re bored or because you need an outlet for stress relief? Once you understand why you’re shopping excessively, it can be easier to change your habits and learn to shop less.

17. Keep Overnight

For online purchases, try keeping your items in your online cart overnight. This way, you’ll be able to quickly access them if you decide you want to make the purchase. However, by leaving your items overnight, you’ll be able to get a fresh mindset on if you truly need that item or not. A lot of us make impulse purchases based on our mood at a certain period of time and taking a good night’s rest might be the thing you need to realize you don’t actually need to shop!

18. Find Other Ways of Stress Relief

Many of us use shopping as a stress relief or as a reward for hard earned money. Think about other methods of stress relief such as eating a snack or going on a run.

19. Shop Only When Necessary

Do you need to shop? Try to shop only when it’s necessary such as you’re running out of food or you need an outfit for a wedding.

20. Repurpose Items at Home Instead of Shopping

You can get creative with repurposing items at home instead of shopping! Instead of buying rags, try using old t-shirts. Clean your countertops with a vinegar and water mix instead of buying new cleanser. The possibilities are endless and can even make you more eco-friendly!

5 Ways on How to Shop Less by Occupying Yourself

Shopping is a pastime for many people and done when bored or not particularly occupied by other things to do. Here are five tips to do something different instead of shopping.

21. Go to the Gym

Going to the gym is a great way to occupy yourself while working on personal development. You’ll feel more energized and happier afterwards as well.

22. Find a New Hobby

Find a new hobby! You can start raising some plants or baking all different types of cookies. Hobbies will keep you occupied so you don’t even have time to shop.

23. Start a Side Hustle

Try focusing on making money instead of spending money. Own too much clothing? Learn how to sell your clothes on Poshmark and make some extra cash. Or you can channel your artsy side and do something unique like start a resin business or channel your love for pets and start dog walking. Regardless of what side hustle you choose, you’ll be earning extra money so you don’t feel as bad shopping and you’ll be occupied so you’ll be shopping less!

24. Read a Book

Reading books, especially those about self-development and personal finance, will change your mindset about how to shop less. Check out Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi, which are two of my favorites!

25. Hangout With Friends

It’s commonly said that you are the average of the five closest people to you. Hangout with your friends instead of shopping to change your mindset about shopping. If your friends like to shop as well, try and find other hobbies to do together.

How to Shop Less – Summary

Shopping is great when done in moderation and with intention. Remember that there’s tons of ways to shop less! Which tip about how to shop less was your favorite? Comment below!

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