march 2022 progress report

March 2022 Progress Report

March 2022 was busy! I didn’t hit a lot of my goals from last month, but hit a couple alternative ones instead. My primary focus for April will be to get my YouTube channel up and running. Here’s my March 2022 progress report.

march 2022 progress report

Active Side Hustles

I tutored around 1.5 times the amount I did in February 2022. I probably will have less hours tutoring next month as I’m going to Korea to work abroad! But I’ll still tutor virtually if my clients decide that it’s for them.

I continued studying for my real estate salesperson license with Real Estate Express. I’ve decided that I’ll focus hard on studying for that from June to August and hopefully take my exam in end of August or September. Stay tuned!

Note: If you guys are interested, you can get 35% off of your course with Real Estate Express here! The course will only cost $90 if you use my link.

Tutoring: $728.75

This came from the same two regular students that I have. I teach them algebra and geometry! My tutoring website is still in progress.

Research Studies: $33

This was mostly from a short ten minute survey I did with about software engineering. Respondent has studies that are usually for working professionals. They pay a good hourly rate and you can check them out here!

Passive Side Hustles

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to start my YouTube channel last month because a wedding and spending a lot of time on other things such as climbing and other thing to promote my blog (detailed below). However, you can still support by subscribing early here and I promise to have it out by April!

Ad Revenue: $16.55

My blog wasn’t bringing any traffic from Google for around a week because of some technical issues. This is the main culprit of my low ad revenue because Google is my main stream of traffic. I can work on optimizing my site for a higher EPMV though!

Note: Learn about how to start your own blog here.

Referral and Affiliate Income: $64.56

My mobile apps have been consistently bringing my referral income and Amazon Affiliates has brought me a little over $7 last month as well. I need to look into integrating more affiliate links into my blog.


I’ve earned $1.16 in dividends from NVDA, $8.68 from V, and $42.30 in TGT, and $56.26 in MSFT. March was a strong dividend month and it was fun to see those come in.

Note: Learn how to evaluate dividend stocks here.

Cryptocurrency Interest

I earned $2.34 USDC, $0.40 BTC, $0.12 XLM, $0.88 ADA via Celsius, which I have around $1000 invested in. Celsius pays 6.20% APY for BTC and 8.5% APY for USDC which is awesome. Celsius changed their USDC interest rate from 8.5% to 7.1% so it’s lower now, unfortunately. I have to transfer my cryptocurrency from Gemini and Robinhood over to Celsius so that it can earn interest.

You can use my referral link for Celsius here to get $50 BTC when you deposit $400 or more!

Blog Promotion and Growth

I’ve added a new section here to document things I’ve accomplished for my blog! In March, I did two presentations about personal finance–one for my sorority’s Founder’s Month and one for a high school club. I also took part in two YouTube lives to talk about personal finance as well as one podcast two talk about side hustles. These weren’t scheduled for when I talked about my goals for March last month but I’m glad I got to do them!

Blog Statistics

This section is for people who are interested in blogging or have already started one and are curious. My Domain Authority (DA) score for Moz was 17, Ahrefs was 12, and SemRush was 28. I have much more ranking keywords this month which in turn brings me a lot more organic traffic, which I’m really happy about.

I’ve increased my total Google clicks by over 100 since March 2022! Although my overall traffic was lower to my blog, my organic traffic was much higher which is ultimately what’s sustainable in the long run. You can also notice the dip in traffic when my blog was unranked from Google because of technical issues.

march 2022 progress report
march 2022 progress report

March 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

I’ll be going to Korea in exactly two weeks! Super excited and can’t wait to experience Korea after not being there for 15 years. I’m hoping that it’ll help me create content for my YouTube and Instagram as well.

Thanks for reading my March 2022 progress report! As always, please subscribe or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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