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OhmConnect Review – Save Money On Utilities With OhmConnect!

Always wonder how you could save money on your utilities? Ever wish you could make money while being more eco-friendly? Now you can! OhmConnect is a platform that rewards users for reducing their energy consumption with things like smart thermostats during certain times throughout the day to help reduce peaker power plant usage. I’ve written a thorough OhmConnect review so you can see my take on using this platform as well as how you can get started using it yourself!

Want to learn how to save money on your utilities with OhmConnect? Keep reading my OhmConnect review to find out how! Sign up for OhmConnect with my OhmConnect referral link here to get $20-30 after you sign up!

ohmconnect review

What is OhmConnect?

OhmConnect is a platform that incentivizes users to reduce their power usage during peak hours. Companies would rather pay their customers to reduce their electricity usage than fire up extra plants that use “dirty” energy during these times. These peak times are called OhmHours or AutoOhms.

OhmHours vs. AutoOhms

OhmHours happen when there is a predicted, scheduled period of time in the next 24 hours where OhmConnect will pay you to reduce your energy usage. AutoOhms happen when the energy surge is happening right now and is not scheduled beforehand.

Where is OhmConnect Available?

OhmConnect is currently only available for California, New York, or Texas residents with specific utility providers. California providers need to be using Southern California Edison (SCE), Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), or San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). New York residents need to be using ConEd and Texas residents need have an active OhmConnect retail energy account. If you don’t live in those states, check out this article about 26 ways you can go green and save money!

Even if you don’t live in those three states, you can participate in OhmConnect’s referral program that allows you to get $20-30 back per person that you refer!

How Do I Setup OhmConnect?

  1. Create an account and view your dashboard through the OhmConnect login page here.
  2. Get notified for OhmHours via email or text message.
  3. Power down as many devices as possible. You can use smart devices and opt to run your laundry machine and dish washers later.
  4. Earn rewards! You’ll earn Watts for reducing your power usage for the entire hour. These Watts can be withdraw for cash, used to enter for prizes, or redeemed for home technology on the Rewards Marketplace.

How Does OhmConnect Work?

OhmConnect will send you notifications of OhmHours to your email or phone via text message within 24 hours of it happening. This will allow you to prepare

OhmConnect Rewards

OhmConnect rewards can be redeemed in five different ways.

  1. Redeem OhmConnect Watts for smart device rewards on the Rewards Marketplace. You can use Watts to redeem these smart devices or get serious discounts. These in turn will help you earn even more Watts by making it easy to power down during OhmHours!
  2. Enter raffles for big prizes with your OhmConnect Watts. These prizes include large ticket items such as Peloton bikes, cash prizes
  3. Use 200 Watts to spin the rewards wheel to earn prizes.
  4. Donate your watts
  5. Use your watts to maximize your referral earnings.
ohmconnect review - items you can purchase on ohmconnect

How Much Can I Earn With OhmConnect?

How much you can earn from OhmConnect depends on how big your home is and if you have smart devices that help you turn off your devices when OhmHours come around. Look into buying smart home devices such as a smart thermostat or smart plugs that help you control your power usage. Later in my OhmConnect review, I’ll discuss how OhmConnect as a company makes money.

OhmConnect Status Levels

OhmConnect has various status levels that will give you discounts when you redeem your rewards.

Silver: Silver status is automatic when you set up your OhmConnect account.

Gold: Gold status will be awarded when you save 15% of your expected utility usage. You’ll get a 5% discount on all purchases in the Rewards Marketplace.

Platinum: Gold status will be awarded when you save 40% of your expected utility usage. You’ll get a 15% discount on all purchases in the Rewards Marketplace.

Diamond: Gold status will be awarded when you save 80% of your expected utility usage. You’ll get a 30% discount on all purchases in the Rewards Marketplace.

OhmConnect Points to Dollars Conversion

OhmConnect doesn’t have a direct OhmConnect watts to cash conversion rate. Depending on what Status Level you are, you’ll get a specific discount. For example, I’m of Gold Status right now which gives me a 5% discount on exchanging my watts to cash. The $10 rewards category requires 8,620 watts at my level.

Note: If you’re enjoying reading my OhmConnect review and like learning about ways to save or earn money by going green, read this article about 8 ways you can go green and earn money.

ohmconnect review - exchange ohmconnects watts for cash

Is OhmConnect Worth It?

OhmConnect is worth it if you’re looking to make some extra cash and consciously help save the environment. Peaker power plants are extremely detrimental to our environment by releasing health-damaging air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides into nearby communities. By participating in the OhmHours and saving money with OhmConnect, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

Is OhmConnect Legit?

Yes, OhmConnect is legit! While OhmConnect will not pay you directly in cash, you can redeem your OhmConnect watts for various rewards, raffles, or even exchange for cash. This platform is not known to sell your data and would never charge you anything to pay you for saving energy.

How Does OhmConnect Make Money?

OhmConnect makes money by partnering with local utility companies and state programs. These partners pay OhmConnect to help create energy savings so that they don’t have to turn on environmentally damaging peak power generator plants during high demand hours.

Previously, the large industrial corporations were the only ones being paid for reducing energy usage during peak hours but now, OhmConnect’s residential program is giving power to the people to earn money as well.

OhmConnect Review – Summary

OhmConnect is a great way to help the environment and earn money at the same time. I personally love using this platform because I feel like I’m doing good for the environment all the while earning OhmConnect watts to get rewards and cash back. If you want to do the same, remember to sign up for OhmConnect here!

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