November 2022 Progress Report

This article is being published late, sorry for the delay. But here’s my November 2022 progress report! I’ve put my YouTube course on pause because I’m focusing on studying for my real estate exam in December. I’ll be posting more about that next month when I happens (wish me luck)! Here’s how much I made this month.

Active Side Hustles

It was a standard month of side hustle income, nothing new on the active side. I do have a new source of passive income though! More on that is below.

Tutoring: $472.50

From tutoring my one student who lives in Irvine! Contemplating if this will be worth it after I get licensed for real estate, stay tuned to see what I decide haha.

Research Studies: $146

I did one study on Google Play that paid me $150 (minus fees). I’ve stopped applying to research studies so regularly because it does take a lot of time to do screeners. But you can still read my article about high paying research study websites here.

Kick – Bookkeeping for Creators: $1800

I’ve been writing a lot of scripts for Kick’s content engine. We’re trying to get our Instagram and TikTok up and running soon! It’s been a fun side hustle for the creator economy, which I’m always looking to get more involved in.

Passive Side Hustles

Same affiliate income streams and ad revenue but I added a partnership that will pay me for my content!

Ad Revenue: $88.49

Ad revenue is from Microsoft Start and Ezoic. I’ve mentioned these both a couple times in my previous progress reports so if you want to read about it, try my October report. 🙂

Referral and Affiliate Income: $196.47

One reel I posted on my Instagram brought me a decent amount of affiliate income! It was about OhmConnect, which you can read about here. Other than that, everything else came from my other sources of affiliate income sprinkled throughout my blog.

MoneyLion: $150

I got paid by MoneyLion, a partnership that basically gets to repurpose my content for their platform and pays me $28/week. I got paid a little extra this month because it took a little time for them to start paying me. But as long as I post some short form content weekly, this income will keep coming in!

Blog Statistics

I had 700 clicks last month, 72.2k impressions, and 1023 users in November. No articles posted other than my progress report.

november 2022 progress report
november 2022 progress report

November 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

I’m traveling to South America for two weeks in December! Will be going to Peru and Colombia and taking my real estate exam soon after I come back. I’m excited. 🙂
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