october 2022 progress report

October 2022 Progress Report

Here’s my October 2022 progress report! A decent amount of money made but feeling a little burnt out (hence why this report is half a month late). I also started my 12 week YouTube course this month and excited to learn. I’ll be posting more about that next month when I get more into it! Regardless, I still have goals I want to hit before the end of this year and the progress reports will keep coming!

Active Side Hustles

It was a relatively tame month, other than a couple birthdays so I had an average amount of time spend on active side hustles. I also finally got my real estate application approved so I signed up for my exam in December! Wish me luck. 🙂
Note: If you want to take the same real estate course I took at Real Estate Express, use this link to get 35% off (the course will only cost $90)!

Tutoring: $472.50

I tutored my one student who lives in Irvine! Gas is so pricey these days so sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it going in person. But I don’t want to quit on my student so I’ll still tutor her as long as she needs me.

Research Studies: $200

I did two different studies for an hour that paid me $100 each. Nothing special here! You can check out my article about the best websites to find high paying research studies here. I’ve been doing these since my first year of college and the vast majority of them pay super well for your time, you just have to put in the time to fill out screener surveys to qualify.

Kick – Bookkeeping for Creators: $1200

This is my part time administrative/outreach role for the startup, Kick.co. I help source creators to use the bookkeeping app and also plan events throughout the year. I super grateful for this role because it’s right up my alley in what I’m interested in and hope that I can keep it as long as possible!

Passive Side Hustles

My ad revenue was pretty good this month, mostly from Microsoft Start. They unfortunately paused on onboarding new bloggers but you can still apply here to be on the waitlist. Be sure to write “Chloe Choe” in the “referred by” section.

Note: Learn how to start your own blog with ads (including Ezoic, which is what I use) here.

Ad Revenue: $577.68

Another month with no articles posted so again, 100% passive. I’ve been burnt out from a variety of different things, mostly being spread too thin. Blogging, social media, my YouTube course, real estate, my actual 9-5 job, Kick, tutoring, etc… the list goes on. I need to stop making excuses :/

Referral and Affiliate Income: $59.21

I had a pretty basic month in affiliate income, which came from links throughout my blog. Nothing crazy and on my to-do list is to still set up the affiliates I met at FinCon last month.

Blog Statistics

I had 1.17k clicks last month, 73.7k impressions, and 1673 users with only 1 article posted in the last month (my progress report). Honestly pretty surprised my views kept up this much! Not much of a dip from last month at all.

october 2022 progress report
october 2022 progress report

October 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

Got a little burnt out in October and even early November. I think I’ll be ready for a refresh once I can take my real estate exam. Still have my eyes on the goal of getting licensed before the end of this year and starting my YouTube channel. Any tips for dealing with burn out? Let me know in the comments!
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