vidsummit september 2022 progress report

September 2022 Progress Report

September was absolutely insane. I ended up going to two conferences, FinCon in Orlando and VidSummit is Los Angeles. Have tons of stuff to report, made $2700 in side hustles, and lots of ideas to implement in the coming months! This September 2022 progress report is a jam packed one. 🙂


These conferences were a goldmine for me, I got to attend both for free (more on that below) and got a ton of value from both of them!

FinCon 2022

I took a red-eye into Orlando after work on September 6th and arrived early morning on Wednesday, September 7th. This conference was full of finance content creators from bloggers, YouTubers, TikTokers, etc. and I met so many great people! Made a ton of affiliate partnerships that I still have to go about implementing and great connections. Before I came to FinCon, I struggled with finding a group of people that had the same aspirations as me but I’m glad I found a community of people who are very similar minded. 🙂 I already bought my pass for next year to New Orleans!

The icing on the cake: I won a $2000+ media bundle and 12 month access to a mastermind group as a giveaway at FinCon. The equipment is still coming and I just got access to the group today, so I’ll be posting updates on it next month. Super excited!

FinCon Scholarship

If you’re a finance creator and looking to go to FinCon next year, I highly recommend applying to their scholarship! They released it around April or May this year and it basically covers the cost of your convention fee. You’ll still have to pay for all other expenses but it really helped me offset some costs for the conference.

fincon september 2022 progress report
Look, it’s me!


I actually got to attend VidSummit for free because I was technically working for a part time job that I found via FinCon. I met some people who work for, a startup that provides automated bookkeeping for creators, at FinCon. We hit it off and I ended up getting a part-time role with them, which led to me organizing a party and attending VidSummit in Los Angeles.

The icing on the cake: I won a $6000 worth YouTube course that’s made by the host of VidSummit by chance with eight other females. This is crazy for me because I was thinking about buying a course on YouTube the day before and I’m so glad I waited and got lucky! This along with my equipment I won from FinCon is definitely setting me up for the next couple months and I’m so grateful. If you want to be one of my early subscribers, I’ve posted some of my short-form content here. As always, thank you so much for supporting!

vidsummit september 2022 progress report
Mr. Beast on a popsicle!

Active Side Hustles

Been busy with my conferences but still managed to do some work with my side hustles! Here’s how much I made with active side hustles, where I had to trade actual time for money. Wrapping up my real estate course as well!
Note: If you want to take the same real estate course I took at Real Estate Express, use this link to get 35% off (the course will only cost $90)!

Tutoring: $772.50

I tutored my one student and had another $300 contract to review some college admissions essays.

Research Studies: $9

I did a quick 15 minute study that paid me $9, nothing big!

Sponsored Post: $238.77

I had a sponsored post that about Playbook that I posted on Instagram back in August and got paid for it this month. It was my first ever sponsored post (I had 1600 followers at the time) and I hope that I can get some more! It’s fun to see everything grow, slowly but surely.

Kick – Bookkeeping for Creators: $1200

This is the startup that I mentioned I met at FinCon. I had a ton of fun learning about their product, how they have automated bookkeeping to minimize risk for IRS audits for creators, and ended up getting a part-time job with them! I work for them 10 hours a week and started in late September. My role consists mostly of outreach to creators and helping to plan events and it’s fun that the job is right in the industry that I’m passionate about.

Passive Side Hustles

My ad revenue was good for Microsoft Start this month and very steady for Ezoic. Microsoft Start is also looking for new bloggers so if you’re interested, apply here! Be sure to write “Chloe Choe” in the “referred by” section.

In order to be eligible for monetization on Microsoft Start, your blog must be non-fiction, based in the US, and you have to post at least 5 articles per month. Your blog can be hosted in WordPress, Medium, Substack, or any other platform where you can connect to your RSS feed.

Note: Learn how to start your own blog with ads (including Ezoic, which is what I use) here.

Ad Revenue: $190.67

I posted zero articles this month because I really had no time. So 100% passive! I really should start outsourcing some articles to other writers. It’s on my endless list of things to do haha.

Referral and Affiliate Income: $388.07

My biggest source of affiliate income was SoFi once again, giving me $150. SoFi gives you 2.5% APY for your checking and savings account if you set up direct deposit! Make sure your money is working for you in times like these. If you want to sign up for SoFi, check it out here as well! There are no fees, no minimum balance, and you get a $325 bonus if you use my link and set up direct deposit.

The other chunk of affiliate income was from a variety of platforms sprinkled throughout my site. I’ll be making an Instagram Reel on how I make affiliate income soon!

Blog Statistics

I had 1.56k clicks last month, 77.1k impressions, and 2149 users with only 1 article posted in the last month (my progress report). Truly shows that blogging is really passive and once you build it up, it’ll stay pretty consistent.

Not much to report on my blogging side. I’ve been focusing more on social media but will get back on it or outsource some articles soon.

September 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

September was a goldmine for me in opportunities and now I have to go about executing them all. I’m super excited for the months to come and really want to learn how to prioritize everything. Can’t wait to start my YouTube course and channel as well as receive all my equipment from the FinCon giveaway.

Thanks for supporting and reading my September 2022 progress report! As always, please subscribe or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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