august 2022 progress report

August 2022 Progress Report

Time for my August 2022 progress report! In these progress reports, I keep track of how much I earned from active and passive side hustles aside from my 9-5. I also write what I worked on, what I want to work on for the next month, and any other thoughts I may have about my side hustle income.

august 2022 progress report

Active Side Hustles

August was another consistent month of posting on my Instagram and my blog. I keep talking about my real estate course but looks like I’ll have to push it back again. I’m 40% done with my third and final course but I’ve been getting so busy prepping for FinCon among other things. The processing time for a California salesperson license exam is around 1.5 months right now so the earliest I could take it is probably November. I did get fingerprinted though, so that’s out of the way!

Note: If you guys are interested, you can get 35% off of your course with Real Estate Express here! The course will only cost $90 if you use my link.

Tutoring: $337.50

Tutored my one student! Just earlier this year, setting up a tutoring business was one of my bigger goals but I think I’m going to be putting that on the backlog now just because I have so many other goals on my plate. I still do hope to follow through with it eventually.

Research Studies: $20

I did a quick 15 minute study that paid me $20 this month from one of my emails. I don’t really do any survey studies unless they pay me at least $40/hour because I honestly don’t think they’re worth my time otherwise. This one met that mark and paid me $20!

Presentation: $25

I did a presentation in July 2022 for my sorority as I mentioned in my previous progress report article and got paid $25 for it this month! It’s not much but I do love helping people learn about personal finance.

Passive Side Hustles

My ad revenue was very low for Microsoft Start this month so the vast majority of the ad revenue I received was from Ezoic. I’m not sure how ad revenue on Microsoft Start works to be honest, I earned so much last month! Microsoft Start is also looking for new bloggers so if you’re interested, apply here! Be sure to write “Chloe Choe” in the “referred by” section.

In order to be eligible for monetization on Microsoft Start, your blog must be non-fiction, based in the US, and you have to post at least 5 articles per month. Your blog can be hosted in WordPress, Medium, Substack, or any other platform where you can connect to your RSS feed.

Note: Learn how to start your own blog with ads here.

Ad Revenue: $70.39

I posted maybe four articles so this ad revenue is extremely passive. I’m glad that I can make consistent income via ads now, even if it’s small!

Referral and Affiliate Income: $422.26

I made a decent chunk of this affiliate income with a reel that did well on my Instagram page. The rest of it was from mobile app referrals such as FetchPogo, and CoinOut and a little with Amazon Affiliates.

My biggest source was my SoFi affiliate income and it seems like getting 2% APY for your checking and savings account resonated with a lot of people. If you want to sign up for SoFi, check it out here as well! There are no fees, no minimum balance, and you get a $325 bonus if you use my link and set up direct deposit.

Blog Statistics

I had 1.58K total clicks and 3066 users in August of 2022. I only posted three articles this month, which was less than the six articles I posted last month. But I still got more traffic!

august 2022 progress report

August 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

Haven’t made much progress looking into starting an LLC, but it’ll definitely come before the end of this year. I’m attending FinCon in September so I’m super excited to learn a lot, meet new people in the creator space, and have fun!

Thanks for reading my August 2022 progress report! As always, please subscribe or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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