June 2022 progress report

June 2022 Progress Report

I’m finally back after my travels all across Asia and writing my June 2022 progress report. It was so much fun taking time off for two weeks and finally traveling after all the Covid restrictions got lifted. I visited Indonesia (Bali), Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok), and Singapore before coming back to the United States. And now I have more time to work on my blog and other ventures! I definitely need to time manage better though because I have so many things I want to do. I’m considering time blocking on my calendar. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Anyway, here’s my June 2022 progress report!

Active Side Hustles

I took on a transcribing gig, mentored student, and did some small research studies. I only started getting back in the groove after I got back from Korea on June 15th so I’m hoping July will be a better month for posting on my Instagram, my blog, and other things. Also restarted my studying for real estate since I came back!

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Tutoring: $135

I didn’t do any tutoring for the two weeks that I was traveling and it’s also summer break for my students! I’m currently mentoring one student over the summer but that will probably be it.

Research Studies: $65

I earned a little bit from doing some studies with Pokemon Go and Hivemind. The Pokemon Go studies are quick five minutes surveys for $5 each while I did a one hour one for Hivemind for $50.

Transcribing: $159.74

I picked up phrase generating gig. This was a quick way for me to make money because I’m a quick typer. I average around $45/hr for this so it’s not a bad gig.

Passive Side Hustles

I partnered with Microsoft Start to syndicate and publish my articles there so they’ve been giving me a bit more traffic! My goal for July will be to publish 10 articles. I need to get more regular with my article posting to really increase my ad revenue.

Ad Revenue: $28.34

This has been pretty steady for the past couple of months but I need to bust out more articles to make more. I’ll be hiring some content writers for a few articles in July and also want to try using Text Optimizer to help my articles with SEO.

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Referral and Affiliate Income: $60.25

Most of this is from mobile app referrals such as Fetch, Pogo, and CoinOut. I’m making it a goal to look into other affiliates related to my niche in July.

Microsoft Start Bonus: $500

Microsoft Start paid me a $500 bonus for being one of their first content creators to publish 50 articles on their site. I got lucky because someone reached out to me for this opportunity and $500 is a decent bonus! This added a lot to my income for my June 2022 progress report.

Blog Promotion and Growth

I talked about applying for the FinCon scholarship in my previous progress report and I got it! Super excited to meet with other creators and learn a ton. This will be in early September so I want to publish a decent number of articles as well as make an email lead before then.

Blog Statistics

I’ve decided to stop posting my domain authority because the algorithm always changes and it’s usually pretty steady unless I have a crazy backlink month. I’ll keep posting my Google results though!

1.15K total clicks and 1437 users in June of 2022. It was expected I’d have a decline this month because I honestly need to post and optimize my posts more!

June 2022 progress report

June 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

I love working on my blog and social media but traveling and time management made it hard for me. I’ll be trying time blocking for next month to make myself a bit more efficient. We’ll see how it goes!

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