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Pinata App Review – Earn Pinata Rent Rewards!

Have you heard of Piñata? Piñata awards you with Pinata Cash every month for paying your rent on time. With Pinata Cash, you can redeem various awards on the Pinata app!

I personally always wished that I could pay my rent with a credit card without any fees so that I could earn rewards. Pinata is basically what that is in Pinata Cash form.

Keep reading my Pinata app review to learn more about how this all works!

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pinata app review

What is Pinata?

Pinata is an app that rewards you for paying your rent on time every month. It was launched in mid 2020 by Lily Liu, who believed that people should be getting rewarded for their biggest expense every month. While home mortgage payments get reported to the credit bureaus, rent commonly does not. Without monthly payments getting reported, it’s sometimes difficult for people to build their credit scores enough to get good auto loan or mortgage rates.

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How Can I Earn Rewards With Pinata?

Pinata awards users with Pinata Cash every month after paying their rent on time. Make sure you open the app sometime during that app to collect your rewards or the Pinata Cash will disappear!

How to Set Up Pinata

  1. Download the Pinata app from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. Use my Pinata referral code 82H84R to get extra Pinata Cash after you enroll.
  2. Enroll with your email, phone number, and address where you currently pay rent.
  3. Collect rent rewards every month!

How Does Pinata App Work?

Pinata asks for your address and how much you pay in rent. They don’t confirm this in any way but you have to write something in order to collect your monthly Pinata Cash. When you pay your rent on time every month, Pinata will award you with $20 in Pinata Cash and a meal donated to No Kid Hungry and local organizations through Pinata Cares.

You can also choose to report your monthly rent payments to the major credit bureaus for free so that you can start building your credit history. While mortgage payments are automatically reported to the credit bureaus, rent payments are not and Pinata makes that easy to do!

Increasing Your Credit Score With Pinata App

You can increase your credit score for free with the Pinata app by allowing it to report your timely rent payments to the credit bureaus. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the “Credit” tab on the bottom of the app.
  2. Click “Activate Credit Engine”
  3. Confirm your lease, bank account, and identity and Pinata will do the verification.

After you’re verified, your monthly rent payments will start reporting to the credit bureaus which counts as a bill paid on time and adds to your credit history. This is especially helpful if you’re just starting to build your credit.

Is Pinata App Legit?

Yes, I’ve earned a decent amount in Amazon gift cards through the Pinata app. I check the app once a month and redeem my $20 in Pinata Cash to collect for rewards. Make sure you login before the end of the month or your Pinata Cash rewards will expire!

You can also earn bonus points by doing surveys that come up on the Pinata app. Make sure you check your Pinata app occasionally to see if these pop up.

How Do I Earn Rewards With Pinata App Pinata Cash?

Pinata has a lot of offers that you can purchase with Pinata cash that aren’t really true offers. For example, you can get 3 free months of SiriusXM or $20 to invest with Stash in exchange for some Pinata Cash. These are all things like free trials that you can get for free if you go on that brand’s website.

I personally choose to redeem my Pinata Cash with various items that they have for the Reward of the Month. Regardless of if I want the item or not, these items are sent as gifts from Amazon which means that you can return them and get an Amazon gift card in exchange! This is equivalent to redeeming Pinata Cash for an Amazon gift card worth the amount of that item. Here’s an example below!

What Is Pinata Max? Is Pinata Max Worth It?

Pinata Max is the premium rewards capability you can get if you decide to subscribe for $3.50-$4 per month. With the $4 per month option, you pay once a month and get 2x Pinata Cash every month, $10 TaskRabbit credit, and up to 50% off rewards. With the $3.50 per month option, you get all those perks as well as a free gift box.

I personally don’t think Pinata Max is worth it because I use this more as a passive app to get rewards. I don’t think the perks are premium enough to warrant having to pay. Besides, Pinata reports your on time rent payments to the credit bureaus regardless of if you’re in the Pinata Max program or not!

Pinata App Review – Summary

The Pinata App is a great app to get rewarded for timely monthly payments in both the form of a credit score increase and in Pinata Cash. I thoroughly enjoy this app because it’s very passive, just like my other passive income apps that I use. This is a source of Amazon gift cards for me and I thoroughly enjoy having the app because of it.

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