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How to Make Money With Poshmark

Hands up if you have a ton of clothes, shoes, and/or accessories in your closet that you never wear. Hands up again if some of these clothes may still have tags on them. If you’re looking for a side hustle that won’t cost you a penny to get started, check out Poshmark. This company changed the game by making selling your items online social – and they recently launched an IPO (NASDAQ: POSH) to prove it. It’s super simple to make money with Poshmark, keep reading to learn how!

Start selling with Poshmark

To start sell items and make money with Poshmark, simply download the app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Once you create an account, all you have to do is start snapping photos of your items and enter listing details. 

While Poshmark’s tagline is “Buy & Sell Fashion”, you won’t find only clothing, shoes, and accessory pieces on the app. You can also buy and sell home goods, beauty & wellness items, and luxury items. 

Poshmark does all of that work for you. You simply take photos of whatever you want to list and fill out the listing details. These items will then be listed in your “closet” – this is a virtual space where others can view the items you have for sale.

Social aspect of Poshmark

One of the coolest features of Poshmark is that it is a social site. This is completely different from other selling platforms in that not only can you follow fellow Poshers but you can also like and “share” items from other Poshmark seller’s closets! You can make money with Poshmark while building a camaraderie in that your followers will see other pieces that you have shared from other closets.

If I can leave you one piece of advice for starting on a Poshmark journey, it would be to share, share, and share other closets. That Posher will get a notification that you shared their item and typically, they will reciprocate. When you are getting started, you will not have a large following so it would be a good practice to get others (with much larger followings) to share your content to their users’ feed.

You can also use the “Offer to Likers” option to send out an offer to everyone who has “liked” your item. This offer must be 10% lower than your listing price and you also have to give a slight shipping discount. This is an easy way to make a sale, as those who have liked your item are more than likely interested in purchasing it.

After you make a sale

Once you make your first sale, decide what personal touch you will add to your Posh packages. I typically write a quick thank you note to the buyer for their purchase. These bubble mailers are what I usually use for smaller clothing items. Some Poshers have special tissue paper or packaging that they use to mail their items out in. 

While a personal touch may seem like a waste of time, they really let your buyer know that you are thankful for their purchase. This makes it more likely that they will purchase from you again! And at the very least, you may bring a smile to their face and who doesn’t want to do that?

Make money with Poshmark

So you may be asking…okay, but can this really be a side hustle. Can I really make money with Poshmark? The answer to that question is absolutely. 

I have been a Poshmark user since May of 2016. To date, I have made $1.634.55. 

Make money with Poshmark.

Most of that money came over the past two years when I really started to get serious about selling to make money with Poshmark. And I typically only sell items that I already own.

The amount you can earn is endless, especially if you are a thrifty shopper and find goods on clearance, then mark them up to make a slight profit. One thing to note is that most Poshers, like myself, do not condone price gouging. If you decide to make money with Poshmark through the resale of items that you got on clearance or from a wholesale provider, don’t expect customers to pay an unreasonable cost for those items. This is an easy way to lose customers.

Poshmark Parties

A great way to get a lot of eyes on your item outside of sharing other Poshers’ content is to participate in Poshmark Parties. These are virtual events that happen every single day. Every Poshmark Party has a list of what brands or item types that are allowed to be shared in the party. You’ll be able to join a party with the “invite” in your notifications.

These Parties can range from kids clothing to luxury handbags. One tip to make money with Poshmark is to always share during the 7PM PST (10PM EST) Posh Party as these evening events allow you to share pretty much any item in your closet! 

Sticking to it

It can be fairly easy to get discouraged when starting any side hustle. It may take you some time to make your first sale. Even if this is the case, don’t give up!

Take a peek at other Poshers and filter by items that they have sold. Look at their lighting, their number of photos, how they posed the item, and their descriptions.

Also try to dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes a day on the site sharing your items, as well as other Poshers items. Even if you have not posted anything new! Investing a little bit of time into the app each day will pay off. The more eyes on your items, the more likely it is that you will make a sale!

If you’re into thrifting yourself, you might want to check out these expert thrifting tips to save you even more money! And once you download Poshmark, be sure to check out my closet for inspo over at Tiffay108!

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