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ReceiptJar App Review – Is ReceiptJar Legit in 2023?

There are so many receipt scanning apps out there that give you cash back (these are some of my favorites) and a new one that I use these days is ReceiptJar! ReceiptJar is a new app available in the United States, Canada, and Australia that pays you cash back for scanning your receipts! Keep reading my ReceiptJar app review to learn about how I use this app to maximize my cash back with all my purchases. This app is similar to CoinOut, Fetch Rewards, and Amazon Shopper Panel so be sure to read reviews on those as well!

Note: Use ReceiptJar referral code CHLOC3J6P to get 200 points after you scan your first receipt! Keep reading my ReceiptJar app review to learn how you can maximize your return with ReceiptJar.

What is ReceiptJar?

ReceiptJar is a new app released in early 2019 that pays you for scanning receipts. It just recently started gaining traction in the United States. ReceiptJar paysIt started its launch in Australia under Feedmee App Pty Ltd, Trading as The U Group & Co. Since then, it has expanded to the United States and Canada.

How Does ReceiptJar Work?

ReceiptJar allows you to earn points by scanning receipts. You can get a varied number of points per receipt depending on how much the transaction was for. In turn, you can eventually redeem these points for gift cards. Keep reading my ReceiptJar app review to learn more about how you can earn even more points outside of manually scanning receipts.

receiptjar app review

How to Use ReceiptJar

Using ReceiptJar is simple! It’s as simple as any other receipt scanning app in that you scan your receipts and get rewarded for it.

  1. Download ReceiptJar from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Sign up. Use referral code CHLOC3J6P to get 200 more points after your first receipt scan.
  3. Start scanning receipts!
  4. Once you reach enough points, redeem for gift card rewards.
  5. Rinse and repeat!

Connecting Accounts to ReceiptJar

You can earn even more points with ReceiptJar by giving them access to your various online retailer accounts. In the United States, you can currently link your Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and Instacart accounts. Each ReceiptJar connected account will give you a one time bonus of 100 points and then constantly scan for your receipts to award you more points for. Walgreens and Kroger are coming soon as other merchants you can also link on ReceiptJar.

ReceiptJar Spending Tracker

ReceiptJar also helps keep track of your spending habits to let you become a more responsible spender. For example, in my screenshot below, you can see that I spent 100% of my money on restaurants in the past week, which amounted to $25.32. When you spend in different categories, ReceiptJar will let you know how much you spent in each category and how it compares to other weeks you spent money.

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receiptjar app review - receiptjar spending tracking

How Much Can I Make With ReceiptJar?

Receipts scanned with ReceiptJar earn points based on how much the receipt was for. Here is a breakdown of each value.

  1. Below $10 = 5 points
  2. Between $11 and $50 = 10 points
  3. Between $51 and $100 = 15 points
  4. Over $100 = 20 points

ReceiptJar Levels

ReceiptJar has levels, which allow you to get bonus points with Golden Jar Rewards. You level up by gaining experience points by scanning receipts. Each receipt counts for 1 experience point. ReceiptJar’s leveling system currently goes from Level 1, which allows you to get 25 points with Golden Jar Rewards to 440 points at Level 30.

ReceiptJar Golden Jar Rewards

You can earn even more with ReceiptJar by participating in their Shake Jars and Golden Jar Rewards. You can earn Shake Jars once a week by uploading a qualifying receipt and every 4 Shake Jars you receive, you are eligible for 1 Golden Jar Rewards.

receiptjar app review - receiptjar golden jar rewards

What Kind of Receipts Can I Scan on ReceiptJar?

ReceiptJar accepts most types of receipts that have the retailer name, purchased items and prices, purchased date and time, and total spent clearly in view. However, ReceiptJar has a few exceptions to what they accept. Here are some situations that ReceiptJar will not take your receipt.

  • $0 receipts
  • Receipts older than 7 days
  • Receipts from outside the country
  • Refund/return receipts
  • Flight/bus/train tickets
  • Ride share receipts
  • Gift card purchases
  • Internet, phone, and electricity bills
  • Service receipts such as cleaning services, yard work, etc.

In general, ReceiptJar will take receipts from transactions that help them learn more about you and your spending habits. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about scanning your receipts! Read on with my ReceiptJar app review to learn about my favorite way to redeem my points.

Is ReceiptJar Legit?

Is ReceiptJar worth your time? If you’re looking to make a couple extra cents in gift cards off each receipt, ReceiptJar may be well worth your time! However, be warned that ReceiptJar isn’t something that will make you nearly as much as a job will. ReceiptJar is simply a way to make a few more dollars on the side of your normal income.

Redeeming ReceiptJar Points

You can redeem your ReceiptJar points for multiple electronic gift card options on the app. Some popular retailers include Amazon, Delta Airlines, Uber, and The Cheesecake Factory. Redemption starts at 1000 points for a $5 gift card. Points expire after 30 days of inactivity so be careful!

My favorite way to redeem points has been to save up 1900 to get $10 back in PayPal. Nothing beats getting cash back!

Is ReceiptJar Safe?

Yes, ReceiptJar is safe! When you scan receipts with ReceiptJar, you aren’t sharing personal information such as credit card numbers, addresses, or phone numbers. ReceiptJar also aggregates data and anonymizes it before selling it to companies. There is no way that these companies will find out who you are or where you’re from.

How Does ReceiptJar Make Money?

ReceiptJar is a market research agency and makes money off of your data. ReceiptJar makes sure to anonymize your data before analyzing it and selling it to other companies looking for data points. Rest assured that your data is safe and is simply being used for market research purposes.

ReceiptJar App Review – Summary

ReceiptJar is a great way to earn a couple dollars on the side per month. While this won’t make you as much money as a side hustle, it’s a great mindless way to keep track of your spending and getting rewarded for it. I currently use ReceiptJar in combination with my other receipt scanning apps and passive income apps to make the most cash back on all my purchases!

Be sure to use my ReceiptJar referral code CHLOC3J6P to get 200 points after your first receipt scan!

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