may 2022 progress report

May 2022 Progress Report – Korea Travels and Passive Income

Here’s my May 2022 progress report! May was my one full month working crazy hours (1:30 am to 9:30 am) and trying to get my travel in at the same time. I saw my relatives for the first time in 15 years, attended a Korean friend’s wedding, traveled to cities such as Seoul, Busan, Suwon, Pyeongtaek, and more! I also started my travel across Asia for two weeks after my last week of work in May but more on that in my June progress report!

Read my May 2022 progress report to hear some places I traveled to in Korea, how much passive income I made, and what will be in store for June!

Active Side Hustles

My only active side hustle was tutoring clients remotely. Because doing research studies requires you to pick up phone calls and do screeners, I wasn’t able to do them in April or in May since I’m abroad.

Studying for my real estate salesperson exam is still on hold. I’m excited to get back to it when I come back from Korea on June 15th.

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Tutoring: $562.50

My two high school students had their final exams near the end of May so I was helping them get through them. I think I’ll still be serving as a mentor for one of them over the summer one but the other one will likely take a break from tutoring.

Passive Side Hustles

I always have a list of things I want to do but most of them have been put on hold until I get back from my digital nomad vacation. Working remotely in a different country is definitely more tiring than I expected because of how much I want to do after work and on the weekends but I’m making it work.

However, I got to partner with a publisher that’s bringing me traffic and separate ad revenue starting in May! More details on that below.

Ad Revenue: $57.02

This is my biggest month yet! I got a ton of traffic by participating in Microsoft Start, which is a new platform that allows you to share your blogs on Microsoft’s blog. It’s similar to Medium. If you have any questions on how you can get started with Microsoft Start, feel free to contact me here!

Note: Learn about how to start your own blog here. Or learn how to make money writing for Medium!

Referral and Affiliate Income: $49.81

Most of this is from mobile app referrals such as Fetch, Pogo, and CoinOut. Feel free to check them out! I also got a couple purchases via Amazon Affiliates.

Blog Promotion and Growth

I haven’t done much for my blog promotion and growth in May specifically. However, I applied for the FinCon scholarship to attend FinCon22 in Orlando in September! Fingers crossed that I’ll get it!

Blog Statistics

As always, this section is more for the bloggers who are reading my articles or for those who are curious! My Domain Authority (DA) score for Moz was 17, Ahrefs was 16, and SemRush was 38. I got a couple of backlinks from HARO and other finance blogs but nothing crazy. Most of my traffic was from Google.

1.65K total clicks in May of 2022! Love seeing growth every month.

May 2022 progress report
May 2022 progress report

May 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

I love working on my blog and social media but traveling has made it hard for me.

One thing May has shown me is how a blog can truly make passive income. I earned over $100 doing almost nothing for my blog over the past month!

Thanks for reading my May 2022 progress report! As always, please subscribe or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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