Seven Apps to Scan Receipts for Money

Everyone makes purchases and gets receipts on the daily. Why not make some extra cash while we’re at it? I regularly scan receipts for money back on my everyday spending and you can too! I usually collect my receipts for a week and put aside ten minutes to scan all of them at the same time across all of these apps. These are the receipt scanning apps that I found the most worthwhile. This won’t make you a millionaire but everything counts, right? Keep reading to learn about all the apps I use to scan receipts for money!


Ibotta is one of my favorite apps to scan receipts for money! Ibotta partners specifically with grocery stores, supermarkets, and wholesale clubs and gives you sweet discounts on your items and sometimes even items for free. Whenever I come home from grocery shopping, I’ll click on my merchant (ex. Albertsons in the image below), and see if there are any items that may be applicable for me to get a rebate.

Ibotta to scan receipts for money

I usually look at the “Any item” tab such as in the image above. Most of the time, I would see an “Any item, Submit any grocery receipt” add on so I would definitely use that and then add any offers that I deem applicable from my most recent trip. If you want to be even more proactive, you can cater your grocery shopping trip to what items get rebates on Ibotta. Once in a while they’ll have nice promotions and give you a full rebate for certain items. During Thanksgiving of 2020, Ibotta partnered with Walmart and had an entire mini Thanksgiving dinner for a 100% rebate! There’s a minimum balance of $20 to withdraw from this platform.

Download Ibotta here! Use my referral code bxgedkj to get $1 when you sign up.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards gives you 25 points on receipts from grocery stores, wholesale clubstores, supermarkets, pet stores, convenience stores, and hardware stores while it gives you 5 points for most other receipts. 1000 points counts as $1 and as of this writing and you can cash out with as low as 3000 points for an Amazon or Target gift card.

Fetch Rewards to scan receipts for money

Fetch Rewards has the best referral bonus out of all these apps as your friend gets $2 and you get $2 as well whenever a referral is successfully completed. It’s also great that $3 is the minimum cash out, easily making this the best app to scan receipts for money in this list so far. This app is the best app for grocery receipts because it automatically scans your receipt for purchases that give you bonus points!

Download Fetch here and get $2 when you use my referral code J2E69.


CoinOut started in 2017 and was actually featured on Shark Tank! They originally started as a platform to send loose change from a purchase in store to your app but since evolved to a receipt scanning app. This app rewards you a random amount for every receipt you scan onto the app. From my experience, I’ve gotten between $0.01 and $0.10 per receipt. They take any standard receipts from any merchants that are dated within the last two weeks so start scanning away!

The great part about this app is that there’s no minimum amount to withdraw your balance as an Amazon gift card. I regularly cash out and add the gift card to my Amazon purchase. You need a minimum balance of $20 to withdraw via PayPal.

CoinOut to scan receipts for money

This is an example of what the platform looks like. I enjoy this app because of the simple interface–simply hit “Scan” and submit your receipt and coins will get instantly deposited into your account.

Get CoinOut here and get $3 after you scan your first receipt!


ReceiptPal awards you 100 points per four receipts you submit. You can cash out 2200 points for $5 in gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. This app requires the receipts you scan to be from within the same calendar week. The interface is pretty simple and straightforward.

ReceiptPal to scan receipts for money

Download ReceiptPal here!

Amazon Shopper Panel

Amazon Shopper Panel launched in October 2020 and I actually came across it this month! You’ll be put on a waiting list when you request to join but this one easily pays out the most out of all these scanning apps. With this app, you scan ten receipts per month and get $10 in Amazon credit at the end of the month in return. Keep in mind that these receipts have to be non-Amazon purchases.

This one is easily the best app to scan receipts for money because you earn a flat $10 for ten receipts per month. Just keep in mind that if you don’t hit the ten receipt mark, you won’t receive an award for that particular month. You also have to be an Amazon customer in order to sign up for this app.

Read more about Amazon Shopping Panel here.


ReceiptJar is the newest app that I started using to scan receipts for money with. This app gives you 10 points per receipt scanned and allows you to start redeeming 5000 points for $5 gift cards. You can also earn bonus points with Receipt Jar “shakes” and get Golden Jar Rewards if you scan receipts for 4 weeks straight!

Note: Use my ReceiptJar referral code CHLOC3J6P and get 200 points after scanning your first receipt! Read more about ReceiptJar here.

scan receipts for money


Pogo is an app that you can use to get points in various ways. It scans your accounts automatically and gives you points for all your purchases. You can also scan receipts for 10 points (1 cent) each. Seven receipts a week gives you a 50 point (5 cent) bonus.

While this isn’t much, the main perk of Pogo is the way that it automatically scans for your transactions to give you points for. You’ll have to link your credit cards via Plaid so that it can see your transactions.

Pogo has been one of my favorites because of its reliability and ability to cash out at only 3000 points ($3) to PayPal or Venmo.

Read more about Pogo here!

Note: Get 250 points instantly when you sign up for the Pogo cash app with my referral link here! Use Pogo app referral code R1Z17. This is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


I usually scan my receipts for cash back after collecting them for around a week. This way, I’ll save time and effort of scanning a new receipt whenever I get one. Know any more receipt scanning apps where you can scan receipts that are worth mentioning? Comment below!

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