Minimalist Lifestyle Tips That Save and Make Me Money

What exactly is minimalism? Many people mistake minimalism as having to live with minimal physical possessions but that is far from the truth. Minimalism is simply the art of living with less and making decisions consciously and more deliberately. It drives you to live with a purpose, consume less, get rid of excess stuff, and design your best life. Everyone who strives towards being a minimalist has their own unique take to it. I actively try and pursue minimalism and these are some minimalist lifestyle tips that helped me be financially smart about what I own and purchase while making me extra money.

1. Set a time limit for all your items

time limit minimalist lifestyle tip

I personally set a one year rule for all my nonessential household items so that I can actively declutter my home. If I haven’t used something for one year then I really evaluate, do I really need it? One year gives reasonable time for seasonal items to be used as well. I’ve sold everything from old curtains, water bottles, tape players, old video games, puzzles, shoes, tools, and more. If an item is still usable, there’s definitely someone out there who will buy it.

I personally use eBay and OfferUp which make me around $300 a month for selling items that I find lying around at home. In order to save time, I always tell the purchaser that my items are pick up only (if local pick up), or ship it for a small fee. These platforms are simple to use and there is no need to renew your listings such as on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. When shipping items, OfferUp puts the shipping price on the purchaser and charges a 12.9% service fee while eBay has a 10% final value fee for most items. I view this a minimal fee to pay for getting rid of items that you would otherwise toss or leave to clutter your home. Out of all the minimalist lifestyle tips in this post, this one is definitely the one that makes me the most money and helps me declutter.

2. Leave items in your cart overnight

leave minimalist lifestyle tip

This is a good habit to get into, especially if you’re eyeing something that’s not on sale. With the simplification of online shopping and how items can get from warehouse to your doorstep in two days comes excess spending. Ask yourself a couple questions while you leave items in your cart for a couple days. Do I really need it? Will I actively be using this item? Is this item of quality and will it last me a long time? Will it contribute to clutter or be something that is used and improves my life in the long run? When I leave items in my cart overnight, more times than not I found out that I was about to make a whim purchase for an item that I don’t necessarily need and ended up forgetting about it a day later. Incorporate this habit in your spending and you’ll find that you’ll be saving a lot of money throughout the year.

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3. Drink water

The average American household spends $850 on soft drinks per year1 and it’s costing them money as well as their health. Stop buying soda, juices, coffee, energy drinks, and other soft drinks. The vast majority of these are loaded with sugar, high in calories, and accumulate significant expenses over time. Drinking just one sugary drink a day can increase your chances of type 2 diabetes by 26 percent.2 These drinks also contribute to tooth decay, heart disease, and obesity. Drinking water as an alternative to these sugary drinks not only helps your finances but your health too!

Invest in a Brita filter and when you want something to drink, drink water. There are countless studies showing that many of us are chronically dehydrated and this habit will help you become more hydrated and improve your health. Some makeup brands even create water based moisturizers because of the strong health benefits. If you find yourself in need of these drinks, invest in a coffee pot, a blender for smoothies, or a sparking water maker. These might seem like expensive items up front but the $5 per day from your trip to the coffee shop will add up to $1825 per year, and a ton over your lifetime! Use this minimalist lifestyle tip with the drinks you consume and your wallet, health, and time will appreciate you.

Of course, if the coffee brings you joy then go for it! There are plenty of other minimalist lifestyle tips that you can implement without sacrificing the things that bring you happiness.

4. Go paperless

go paperless minimalist lifestyle tip

I opt to go paperless for all my credit card statements, 1099’s, W-2’s, and everything else that I can. These days, everything can be done online. I found out last year that my Health Savings Account (HSA) even charged me $1/month for a paper statement before I opted to go paperless. Going paperless can save you money, reduce clutter, and also saves waste for the environment. Do your part for the environment as a minimalist and go paperless and if you do use paper, always remember to recycle.

5. Value experiences over things

value experiences over things minimalist lifestyle tip

When you think of the past year, do you remember what you bought or what you experienced? You can purchase that designer handbag or those slick shoes but they’ll only bring you temporary happiness in comparison to the memories you had with your loved ones.

Many people categorize this as travel but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. An experience can be anything such as climbing, going to the beach, or reading a book. During the pandemic, I found joy in new things such as blogging, skating, and discovering new hikes. These all cost me little to no money and they are experiences that I had with people and by myself that will last me much longer than materialistic possessions will. Find purpose and passion in everything you do and do it with intention.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips – Summary

There are countless ways to approach minimalism and these are just my own minimalist lifestyle tips I use in my life. Everyone’s take is different and I’m always looking to incorporate new ways to improve my quality of life. While I am a minimalist, there are some items that I choose to spend a little extra on for quality. What are some ways you want to become a minimalist? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Minimalist Lifestyle Tips That Save and Make Me Money”

  1. Yes! I agree with everything you say. I’m not as disciplined to apply everything you say (even though I should) but I definitely put an effort to declutter and throw things that I don’t use for a year. It’s not easy xD but I try. Also, experiences are always better. They create memories 🙂
    Great tips!

    1. For sure, definitely took me a while to build the discipline and I’m always working on improving it. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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