april 2022 progress report digital nomad in south korea

April 2022 Progress Report – Digital Nomad in South Korea

I’m finally working as a digital nomad in South Korea! I’ve been sleeping and waking up at wild hours with a 7 pm bed time and 1:30 am wake up time, but everything is 100% worth it. I’m being super active and exploring local restaurants, tourist attractions, and nearby cities and also walking a ton! Contrary to my previous month’s goals, my April 2022 progress report won’t be setting hefty goals but simply giving my progress for what I already have.

I’ve also decided not to keep track of my dividends or cryptocurrency interest anymore, just for the sake of saving time. I’m a strong believer that if you are intentional with your spending, invest regularly, and don’t have many expenses, you don’t necessarily need to budget or track your investments. Everyone’s scenario is different and keeping track of money and budgeting may be useful for others.

Active Side Hustles

I tutored the same two clients that I have been tutoring for the past couple of months. One was always remote so that didn’t change and the other one has switched to remote for the time being while I’m in Korea.

Studying for my real estate salesperson exam has been put on hold because I’m super busy in South Korea but my goal for taking the exam in August or September hasn’t changed. I’ll be in for a ton of studying when I get back in June.

Note: If you guys are interested, you can get 35% off of your course with Real Estate Express here! The course will only cost $90 if you use my link.

Tutoring: $315

This came from my two regular students. I’m not focusing on getting more hours, clients, or doing my website until I get back from my travels.

Research Studies: $14

This was from a 20 minute video survey I did with Respondent.io about applying for jobs in software engineering. You can check out Respondent and apply for research studies as well.

Passive Side Hustles

I always have a list of things I want to do but most of them have been put on hold until I get back from my digital nomad vacation. Working remotely in a different country is definitely more tiring than I expected because of how much I want to do after work and on the weekends but I’m making it work.

However, I got to partner with a publisher that’s bringing me traffic and separate ad revenue starting in May! More details on that below.

Ad Revenue: $19.22

My ad revenue did great despite not doing any promotion because of SEO. I highly recommend that you look into SEO as your main focus if you decide to start a blog because it’s the most consistent and sustainable.

Note: Learn about how to start your own blog here.

Referral and Affiliate Income: $25

These are all from mobile app referrals such as Fetch and Pogo.

Other: $50

I have a partnership with a publisher group similar to Medium that gave me a $50 bonus for being one of their first publishers! I’ll keep the name anonymous for now but I’m excited to see how I’ll grow with this partnership.

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Blog Promotion and Growth

In April, I did one Clubhouse talk (you can follow me on Clubhouse!) as well as one podcast on personal finance and side hustles.

I also got scheduled to also do a remote presentation on personal finance for my college sorority’s national convention in July. I’m looking forward to it.

Blog Statistics

This section is for people who are interested in blogging or have already started one and are curious. My Domain Authority (DA) score for Moz was 18, Ahrefs was 15, and SemRush was 28. As always, my primary traffic source is organic and from Google, which is expected if you have good SEO.

I’ve increased my total Google clicks by almost 300 since March 2022! Slow and steady progress is always good to see.

April 2022 Progress Report - Digital Nomad in South Korea
April 2022 Progress Report - Digital Nomad in South Korea

April 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

Being a digital nomad in Korea has made me super busy as every waking moment is spent either working or exploring. I might make a couple articles related to personal finance and expenses in South Korea–is this something you’d be interested in? Comment below!

Thanks for reading my April 2022 progress report! As always, please subscribe or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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