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Miles App Review 2023 – Earn Money for Everyday Travel!

Have you heard of the app called “Miles”? You can earn points and rewards completely passively for the traveling you do daily, whether it’s be car, foot, or even plane! With all modes of transportation including walking, driving, biking, flying etc. you can earn miles that can be cashed out for gift cards. Similar to other apps that I use such as Pogo and Reklaim, Miles is a completely passive app that rewards you for your travels.

Keep reading this Miles app review to learn all about how you can earn money for everyday travel.

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Miles app review

What is Miles App?

Miles App is an app that rewards you for traveling, no matter what method you use. It’s completely passive as long as you’re sharing your location!

How Do I Use the Miles App?

You can download the Miles app from the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iPhone. Once you approve Miles app to access your location at all times, it will track your traveled miles without you ever needing to opening the app!

Miles app is not available on desktop because it needs to be able to track your location on the go with a mobile device.

How Can I Earn Points With the Miles App?

The Miles app rewards you miles (points) whenever you travel, whether it be by foot, car, plane, etc. It even rewards you for skiing! You can earn miles at different rates for each of these methods of travel. Each mode of travel will give you a different bonus. For example, driving will award you at 1x miles while walking awards you 10x the number of miles you actually traveled. Riding a train will award you 3x miles while carpooling awards you 2x.

The Miles app will automatically detect what mode of travel you are taking. If you see that the Miles app classified your method of travel incorrectly, you can click on the travel icon in your “Trips” section and change it.

Miles App Tiered Rewards

The Miles app also has a tier section, similar to airline loyalty rewards. There are silver, gold, and platinum tiers and each tier gets more added benefits. Ever tier always has no maintenance fee for your account and every tier also receives bonus miles on your Miles anniversary and your birthday.

Silver Rewards

You’ll be in the Silver tier for the current calendar month if in the last month you earned less than 750 miles. Bonuses include:
-Bonus 100 miles for next month (upon claim)

Gold Rewards

You’ll be in the Gold tier for the current calendar month if in the last month you earned more than 750 miles but less than 2000 miles or you redeemed your miles for at least one reward. Bonuses include everything from Silver and:
-Bonus 200 miles for next month (upon claim)
-Better redemption rates

Platinum Rewards

You’ll be in the Platinum tier for the current calendar month if in the last month you earned at least 2000 miles or you redeemed your miles for at least two rewards. Bonuses include everything from Gold and:
-Bonus 400 miles for next month (upon claim)
-Early access to rewards

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How Does Miles App Make Money?

Miles app does not display ads or require a subscription payment. They are completely free and simply track your location in order to reward you.

Miles earns money through partnerships with brands, similar to how Fetch Rewards or Pogo work. They also earn money by using your anonymized location data to for various studies.

Is Miles a Safe App?

Is Miles app safe? Miles is a safe platform that uses your location to award you for your everyday travels. While they need access to your location in order to reward you these points, Miles does not misuse this information.

What Can I Redeem With Miles On Miles App?

With the Miles app, you can earn miles for your travels and earn gift cards, enter raffles, or donate to charities. Keep reading my Miles app review to learn how you can do each one.

Redeeming Miles for Gift Cards

Currently the only gift card you can redeem for is Amazon gift cards. At the Platinum level, a $1 Amazon gift card is 5000 miles. This may seem like a lot but remember that the miles you earn is not 1 to 1 and that this app is completely passive. Why not earn money for your travel if it takes you no extra effort?

Redeeming Miles to Enter Raffles

If collecting miles for gift cards isn’t your thing, you can also use your miles to enter raffles for various gift cards. Each entry ranges from 5-15 miles for various gift cards and you can enter multiple times. These raffles generally last for 6-10 days and a couple winners will be announced. At the time of this writing, there’s a variety of gift card options available such as a $100 Red Lobster gift card, $250 Amazon gift card, $100 DoorDash gift card, and more.

Redeeming Miles to Donate to Charities

You can also redeem your miles to donate to charities. The Miles app uses a threshold system in which if the goal for a certain number of miles is met, Miles will donate to this charity. For example in the example below, Chewy will donate 250,000 meals to help shelter pets in need if 2,500,000 miles are reached by February 28th. This is a great way to help a cause that you feel strongly for.

At the time of this writing, there are options to donate meals to shelter pets, prevent homelessness in the United States, help children around the world, and to clean our oceans.

Miles App Review

I hope you enjoyed my Miles app review! I love the Miles app because it’s completely passive and rewards you for places you go to on the daily. Whether you live in a big metropolitan area and travel by subway, are going skiing for the weekend, or want to go on a bike ride, the Miles app will reward you! The Miles app is simple and does exactly what it promises: rewards you for traveling, no matter what the travel method. I personally thoroughly enjoy this app because it’s 100% passive and who doesn’t like a little extra cash back?

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