july 2022 progress report

July 2022 Progress Report

Welcome to my July 2022 progress report! I use these reports to keep track of what I did the past month, how much I earned, and some goals I’ll be setting for the next month. Sometimes I meet those goals, sometimes I don’t. But what matters is progress! Keep reading my July 2022 progress report to see what kind of side hustles I did, what I worked on, and what I’ll try to work on next month.

Active Side Hustles

July was a much greater month posting on my Instagram, my blog, and other things. I also made a lot of progress on my Real Estate course and am over halfway done! I’m hoping to pass my license test by latest October, but hopefully September. I would love to be a part-time agent for my friends and family and am looking forward to see what’s in store when I get licensed.
Note: If you guys are interested, you can get 35% off of your course with Real Estate Express here! The course will only cost $90 if you use my link.

Tutoring: $270

I had six hours of tutoring/mentoring sessions with my student this month. Nothing crazy and school still isn’t in session but I know it’ll be picking up when school starts in late August.

Research Studies: $5

I did one quick Pokemon Go survey for $5 that took me less than five minutes. Other than that, no other research studies were scheduled for this month.

Passive Side Hustles

My income in this area grew a decent amount this month. I started getting ad revenue from two sources, which is Ezoic and Microsoft Start. I want to syndicate more on Medium so I can get ad revenue from them as well.

Note: Learn how to start your own blog with ads here.

I also got my first sponsored post request for Instagram! I think it’ll be going up sometime in August so stay tuned. I’ll put this in the passive income section because I’m not necessarily trading time for money.

Ad Revenue: $251.25

Microsoft Start ad revenue in combination with Ezoic made my revenue a lot higher! I’m excited to see what results I can get with posting more articles.

Referral and Affiliate Income: $359.60

Most of this is from mobile app referrals such as FetchPogo, and CoinOut. I also made a little with Amazon Affiliates.

My biggest source was a 30,000 American Express referral bonus for the Gold card, which is equivalent to around $300! If you’re looking for the best signing bonus (90,000 points!) for the American Express Gold then use my link here.

Blog Promotion and Growth

I had a collaborative Instagram Live with another creator which was fun to do. We discussed real estate and blogging. I also had a virtual presentation in collaboration with one other person for my undergraduate sorority’s national convention and we had 120 people join our session! I’m hoping it was helpful for them because I know I wish I knew a lot more about personal finance when I was in undergrad.

Blog Statistics

I want to guest post more next more to drive more referral traffic. I’m hoping that I can maybe get two guest posts in for highly reputable sites.

I had 1.35K total clicks and 2878 users in July of 2022. I posted six articles this month, which definitely helped drive more traffic than last month.

july 2022 progress repot
july 2022 progress report

July 2022 Progress Report – Final Thoughts

I’m definitely earning enough that I want to file my blog as a business very soon. I looked up how much it is to file an LLC in California and it’s actually over $800 per year! Definitely one of the pricier states. I’ll have to look into other options as I’m not a legal expert but we’ll see what happens.

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